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recode.texi: Add notes on the exit status.

Reported by Dan Jacobson
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@@ -626,6 +626,30 @@ recode -d l1..tex <datum.txt >datum.tex
This example also shows that @code{l1} could be used instead of
@code{Latin-1}; charset names often have such aliases.
+@cindex exit status
+@cindex status code
+Recode has three modes are for when to set the exit status to non-zero:
+@itemize @bullet
+The most lenient setting is activated with option @samp{-f}, in which
+case only system errors or library mis-usage causes the exit status to
+be set.
+By default, without @samp{-f} nor @samp{-s}, Recode sets the exit
+status as above, and also in case of invalid or untranslatable input.
+It also tries (but not always succeed) to detect if output is going to
+be ambiguous at some later recode-back time.
+The stricter setting is activated with @samp{-s}, Recode then sets the
+exit status as above, or if input is not canonically coded (and it also
+prevents itself from *completing* recoding tables for making the
+recoding reversible).
+@end itemize
@node Requests, Listings, Synopsis, Invoking recode
@section The @var{request} parameter

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