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README file for :file:`recode/contrib/`

The :file:`contrib/` directory of the Recode distribution contains a few
miscellaneous tools, ports, or such things, which have been collected
here and there, a bit randomly, for your possible entertainment or use.

Beware that nothing here is supported by the Recode maintainer, you
might have to contact the authors directly to get support.  There is no
guarantee that any file in this directory will still exist in subsequent
releases.  Finally, there is no guarantee either that I will accept to
include contributions, unless I find them very good or very small.  But
I'm quite willing to give `URL pointers`__ to other tools.

__ /index.html#external-pointers

To the best of my knowledge, all included files are free, and already
available widely by other means.  I did not collect any kind legalistic
papers proving that the contained material is indeed free.  In case of a
dispute, or at the mere request of the author, I'll quickly remove any
dubious material.  So, do not consider the files here as being as *safe*
as the things you usually get from the Free Software Foundation.

Please drop me a note about what you found to be useful, in here, to
help me at deciding what should be kept and what should go away.

+ Emacs Lisp files

  + :file:`utf8.el`

    This tool helps Emacs users at inserting UTF-8 encoded ISO-10646 or
    Unicode characters in an Emacs buffer.  Submitted by Gary Houston
    <> to :code:`gnu.emacs.sources`, 1994-10.

  + :file:`recode.el`

    This is a miscellaneous collection of tools, documented in French,
    for using Recode from Emacs, when Latin-1 is in use.  Submitted by
    François Pinard <>, 1994-12.

+ RPM spec files

  + :file:`recode.spec1`

    RPM spec file to prepare Recode 3.5c on RedHat.  Submitted by David
    Lebel, 2000-06.

  + :file:`recode.spec2`

    RPM spec file to prepare Recode 3.5d on RedHat.  Submitted by Bennett
    Todd, 2002-01.  Bennett writes (more or less):

      This spec file allows portable building.  Users could download the
      tar archive and simply ``rpm -ta`` it to build themselves source and
      binary :code:`rpm`\ s.  If they had their :code:`rpm` directory,
      they could even do it while not being ``root``.  For example, my
      :file:`~/.rpmmacros` reads::

        %_topdir    /home/bet/rpm

      without a leading tab. Hence my :file:`/usr/src/redhat/` is still
      ``root:root``, and yet I can do my :code:`rpm` building as myself.

+ Amiga port

  Files in the :file:`Amiga/` directory should allow building Recode on
  Amiga.  Submitted by Stefan Haubenthal, 1998-11, for version 3.4k.

+ DJGPP port

  Files in the :file:`DJGPP/` directory should allow building
  Recode on MSDOS/DJGPP.  Submitted by Juan Manuel Guerrero
  <>, 2001-03, for a pretest towards version 3.6.
  For this port, there is a `README`__ file.

  __ /DJGPP.html

  For the record, a previous port was submitted by Wojciech Galazka
  <>, 1997-11, for version 3.4.1.
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