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* README file for `recode/contrib/'.		-*- outline -*- (allout)

.* Hi, people!

   The `contrib/' directory of the `recode' distribution contains a few
   miscellaneous tools, ports, or such things, which have been collected
   here and there, a bit randomly, for your possible entertainment or use.

   Beware that nothing here is supported by the `recode' maintainer, you
   might have to contact the authors directly to get support.  There is no
   guarantee that any file in this directory will still exist in subsequent
   releases.  Finally, there is no guarantee either that I will accept
   to include contributions, unless I find them very good or very small.
   But I'm quite willing to give URL pointers to other tools, right here!

.* Included files

   To the best of my knowledge, all included files are free, and already
   available widely by other means.  I did not collect any kind legalistic
   papers proving that the contained material is indeed free.  In case of
   a dispute, or at the mere request of the author, I'll quickly remove
   any dubious material.  So, do not consider the files here as being as
   *safe* as the things you usually get from the Free Software Foundation.

   Please drop me a note about what you found to be useful, in here,
   to help me at deciding what should be kept and what should go away.

. + utf8.el

    This tool helps Emacs users at inserting UTF-8 encoded ISO-10646 or
    Unicode characters in an Emacs buffer.  Submitted by Gary Houston
    <> to `gnu.emacs.sources', 1994-10.

. + recode.el

    This is a miscellaneous collection of tools, documented in French,
    for using `recode' from Emacs, when Latin-1 is in use.  Submitted by
    François Pinard <>, 1994-12.

. + djgpp-README
. + djgpp-diffs

    These files represent a port of version 3.4.1 of `recode' to DJGPP,
    submitted by Wojciech Galazka <>, 1997-11.

. + Makefile.amiga
. + Makefile.amiga-lib

    These makefiles allow building `recode' 3.4k on Amiga.
    Submitted by Stefan Haubenthal, 1998-11.

.* External pointers

. + Documentation

.  - IETF references

.   : Character Mnemonics & Character Sets
      Keld Simonsen <>, 1992-06.

.   : UTF-7 - A Mail-Safe Transformation Format of Unicode
      David Goldsmith <> and Mark Davis
      <>, 1994-07.

.   : UTF-8, a transformation format of Unicode and ISO 10646
      François Yergeau <>, 1997-10.

.  - Various references

.   : Unicode charset mappings

      The Unicode consortium makes available plenty of charset mappings
      for converting "legacy" charsets to Unicode.

.  - Normalisation et internationalisation: Inventaire et prospectives des
     normes clefs pour le traitement informatique du français.  (392p.)

     This is a report, written in French, discussing charset issues and many
     other topics as well.  Laurent Bourbeau <>
     and François Pinard <>, 1995-10.

. + Programs

.  - tcs

     Here is the main recoding tool from the Plan9 project.

.  - yuedit

     This GUI editor handles many encodings, among which UTF-8.  It also
     installs uniconv, a recoding program, and uniprint, a printing tool.
     Gaspar Sinai <>, 1999-01.

.  - ucs-fonts

     These 6x13 fonts, covering Unicode characters besides the Asian sets,
     merely replace the Linux fixed 6x13 font.  Works nicely with yudit.
     Markus Kuhn <>, 1998-11.

.  - MtRecode

     This charset converter is oriented towards SGML text manipulation.  It
     may be freely downloaded for non-commercial, non-military use from:
     Pointer given by Jean Véronis <>, 1996-06.

.  - sp

     This quite nice SGML structure analyser contains internal C++ modules
     for handling many charsets.
     James Clark <>

.  - b2c

     This program is able to generate interpreted
     character dumps, but properly embedded within complete C header files.
     Jörg Heitkötter <>, 1997-11.

.* Non-Unix ports or alikes

   Please if you are aware of various
   ports to non-Unix systems not listed here, or for corrections.  Please
   provide the goal system, a complete and stable URL, the maintainer name
   and address, the recode version used as a base, and your comments.


.  -
     (for binaries, sources and docs respectively)
     maintained by Wojciech Galazka <>
     Based on recode 3.4.1.

.  - (Germany)
     maintained by Darrel Hankerson <>
     You get many GNU tools, not only `recode'.  The GNUish project is
     described in `gnuish_t.htm'.
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