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1999-06-16 François Pinard <>
* Rename --enable-oldgnu to --enable-gnutar.
1999-06-11 François Pinard <>
* acconfig.h:
* Version 2.4i.
* Implement --enable-cpio, --enable-pax and
--enable-dale-code, as an attempt for stabilizing our pretest
releases while beginning to aim a real release.
* acconfig.h: Document ENABLE_DALE_CODE.
1999-04-17 François Pinard <>
* Replace tcflush if needed.
Reported by Brendan O'Dea, Eli Zaretskii, Jim Meyering, Steven
Sargent and Ulrich Drepper.
1999-04-13 François Pinard <>
* Check for termio.h.
1998-12-10 François Pinard <>
* Check for signal.h to cope with Unixware 7.
Reported by Allan M. Clark and Peter Waltenberg.
1998-12-08 François Pinard <>
* config.bat: New version.
Reported by Eli Zaretskii.
1998-12-07 François Pinard <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add Russian.
1998-11-21 François Pinard <>
*, acconfig.h: Rename GNUTAR and gnutar to OLDGNU and
1998-11-20 François Pinard <>
* Substitute in contrib/win32/Makefile.
Reported by Paul E. Jones.
1998-11-10 François Pinard <>
* Version 2.4h.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Do not include PATCHES-AM anymore.
1998-11-09 François Pinard <>
* Dismiss any locale while configuration goes,
so the output from id could be processed correctly.
1998-10-31 Andreas Schwab <>
* Don't replace dirname.
check what we need here.
1998-10-28 François Pinard <>
* Version 2.4g.
1998-10-18 François Pinard <>
* Use AT_CONFIG instead of fp_PROG_ECHO. Create
atlocal. Don't for test-one.
1998-10-16 François Pinard <>
* Prepare tests/atconfig instead of tests/testsuite.
1998-10-13 François Pinard <>
* Version 2.4f.
1998-10-12 François Pinard <>
* (AC_OUTPUT): Prepare tests/test-one and make it
1998-10-11 François Pinard <>
* (AC_OUTPUT): Prepare tests/testsuite instead of
tests/preset, and make it executable.
1998-10-10 François Pinard <>
* Version 2.4e.
1998-10-05 François Pinard <>
* (SUBDIRS): Change po to i18n, and make it earlier.
(POTFILES): Set to the contents of previous po/ file.
(stamp-pot): Save the contents of POTFILES macro.
Also use it as a timestamp to know if .pot is out of date.
(all-local): Make sure stamp-pot is made.
(EXTRA_DIST): Distribute stamp-pot. So, dist has it.
* Adjusted.
1998-08-24 François Pinard <>
* (BABYL): Adjusted to last reorganisation, here.
1998-05-24 François Pinard <>
* (extra_libexec_progs): Add mt when sys/mtio.h.
1998-05-23 François Pinard <>
* Rename the package as paxutils 2.4d, counting
2.4.2 as 2.4b and 2.4.50 as 2.4c.
* acconfig.h: Define CPIO_USE_GNU_TAR and DEBUG_CPIO. Ensure
_GNU_SOURCE is defined, independantly of actions.
* Replace all tar_* cache variables by pu_*.
Substitute extra_bin_progs and extra_libexec_progs, now empty.
Prepare tests/defs from tests/ Don't define _GNU_SOURCE.
(ALL_LINGUAS): Added es, for cpio messages.
Add bunches of code directly stolen from cpio's
* ChangeLog: Integrate entries from cpio.
1998-05-01 François Pinard <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Added cs.
1998-04-22 François Pinard <>
* AC-PATCHES: Revised patches for Autoconf 2.12.
* AM-PATCHES: Patches for Automake 1.3.
* Distribute them.
* Use fp_WITH_GETTEXT rather than AM_GNU_GETTEXT.
Do not create intl/Makefile.
* Do not include intl/.
* acconfig.h: Delete description of catgets, add dcgettext.
1998-04-21 François Pinard <>
* acconfig.h: Document malloc and realloc.
* acinclude.m4: Deleted.
* (AC_OUTPUT): Substitute m4/Makefile.
* (SUBDIRS): Include m4.
* Cleanup, remove the dependency of all-local on
CONFIG_HEADER, and the id and ID goals.
1998-03-09 François Pinard <>
* Do not check for basename, as we now
unconditionally use our version.
1998-03-07 Eli Zaretskii <>
* config.bat: Support building from another directory.
1998-03-04 François Pinard <>
* Replace stpcpy if needed.
Reported by Erick Branderhorst, Greg Herman and Jim Meyering.
* config.bat: Restore /crlf.
Reported by Eli Zaretskii.
1998-02-19 François Pinard <>
* (AC_OUTPUT): Create contrib/Makefile.
* (SUBDIRS): Visit the contrib/ subdirectory.
* PORTS: Deleted. Integrated into contrib/README.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Adjusted.
1998-01-23 Tom Tromey <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Include ko.
* po/ko.po: New file.
1998-01-08 François Pinard <>
* Check for unsigned int, and consider unsigned long
is unavailable when cross compiling.
Reported by Alexandre Oliva.
1998-01-06 François Pinard <>
* acinclude.m4 (fp_HAVE_PRINTF_LLU): New macro.
* Use it.
* acconfig.h: Declare HAVE_PRINTF_LLU.
Reported by Alexandre Oliva, Andreas Zeller, Anne Becker, Helmut
Heller Johann Haider, Jörg Schilling, Robert E. Brown and Wolfram
1997-12-21 François Pinard <>
* Check for stdbool.h.
1997-11-02 François Pinard <>
* Check for mode_t, off_t and pid_t. Also check for
major_t, minor_t and ssize_t.
* acconfig.h: Document the last three.
Reported by Paul Eggert.
1997-11-01 François Pinard <>
* Check for unsigned long long, not long long.
1997-10-28 François Pinard <>
* acinclude.m4 (fp_PROG_ECHO): Diagnose a too weak echo.
* Don't.
1997-10-17 Eli Zaretskii <>
* README.dos, config.bat: New files, support for building tar with
DJGPP tools for MS-DOS and MS-Windows.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Adjusted.
1997-10-10 Tom Tromey <>
* (extra_libexec_progs): Don't define _GNU_SOURCE.
* acconfig.h: Change how _GNU_SOURCE defined.
1997-10-09 Tom Tromey <>
* acinclude.m4: Removed.
1997-06-27 François Pinard <>
* If the open3 emulator is needed, ask the
installer to email me about this.
1997-06-06 François Pinard <>
* Revise the -lnsl -lsocket check for DYNIX/ptx.
Reported by Jonathan I. Kamens.
* Check if system calls are restartable, and force
compilation of full-read.c and full-write.c if not.
1997-06-03 François Pinard <>
* Check for pipe and popen, use our popen
replacement if neither.
Reported by John Gatewood Ham.
* Replace stpncpy if necessary.
* Check for memmove, as lib/gmalloc.c needs this.
Reported by Darren Hiebert.
1997-06-02 François Pinard <>
* Check for endgrent and endpwent functions,
conditionally used in lib/userspec.c. On the other hand, do
not check anymore for getpwuid and getgrgid declarations.
1997-04-25 François Pinard <>
* Release tar 1.12.
* Check for the inline keyword.
1997-04-24 François Pinard <>
* (BABYL): Delete admin/RMAIL, renamed rmail/announce.
* PORTS: New file.
(EXTRA_DIST): Adjusted.
1997-04-23 François Pinard <>
* BI-PATCHES: Patches for Bison 1.25.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Adjusted.
takes care of this already.
1997-04-22 François Pinard <>
* Use gethostent instead of gethostbyname while
checking for -lnsl. It seems SINIX systems require this.
Reported by Bruno Haible.
1997-04-19 François Pinard <>
* acinclude.m4: New fp_WITH_INCLUDED_MALLOC macro.
* Use it instead of the HP/UX test for GNU malloc.
Reported by Bruno Haible.
1997-04-17 François Pinard <>
* acinclude.m4 (cl_FUNC_GMALLOC): New macro, yet still unused, as
it requires config.guess. I have to think more about this.
Reported by Bruno Haible.
1997-04-16 François Pinard <>
* AC-PATCHES: Patches for Autoconf 2.12.
* AM-PATCHES: Patches for Automake 1.1n.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Adjusted.
1997-04-15 François Pinard <>
* Ensure all cpp directives are left justified.
Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi.
1997-04-14 Tom Tromey <>
* acconfig.h (_GNU_SOURCE): New define.
* (extra_libexec_progs): Define _GNU_SOURCE.
1997-04-12 François Pinard <>
* Add fnmatch.o to LIBOBJS if AC_FUNC_FNMATCH
says no working copy was found. This is not done automatically.
Reported by Bruno Haible, Bryant Fujimoto, John David Anglin,
Kaveh R. Ghazi, Laurent Caillat-Vallet, Sakai Kiyotaka and
Santiago Vila Doncel.
1997-04-11 François Pinard <>
* Much simplify the -lsocket and -lnsl tests.
Reported by Larry Schwimmer.
1997-04-11 François Pinard <>
* Do not check for gettimeofday anymore.
* Do not anymore blindly add -lnsl if gethostname
is found, nor -lsocket if setsockopt is found. Instead, for
resolving setsockopt, try none, -lsocket, and -lsocket -lnsl,
in that order. For resoving gethostbyname, try none, than -lnsl.
Reported by Ariel Faigon, Heiko Schlichting, Jean-Philippe
Martin-Flatin, John J. Szetela, John R. Vanderpool, Kaveh
R. Ghazi, Larry Schwimmer, Marcus Daniels, Mark Bynum and
Russell Cattelan.
1997-04-10 François Pinard <>
* Define _GNU_SOURCE to get FNM_LEADIR_DIR, etc.
* acconfig.h: Document _GNU_SOURCE.
Reported by Andreas Jaeger, Becki Kain, Brendan Kehoe, David
N. Brown, J. Dean Brock, James V. DI Toro III, Jeffrey Mark
Siskind, Jürgen Reiss, Paul Eggert, Roland McGrath, Rolf
Niepraschk, Roman Gollent, Thomas Bushnell n/BSG and Ulrich
1997-03-26 François Pinard <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add it.
1997-03-20 François Pinard <>
* Require Autoconf 2.12.
1997-02-25 François Pinard <>
instead of AM_FUNC_FNMATCH. Do not take care anymore of stamp-h
in AC_OUTPUT, leave it to Automake.
* acinclude.m4: Replaced whole, from elsewhere.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Leave README-alpha to Automake.
1997-02-12 François Pinard <>
* Delete README-alpha code, Automake handles it now.
1996-11-21 Tom Tromey <>
1996-11-18 François Pinard <>
* (BABYL): Add admin/RMAIL.
* Check for sys/buf.h, as BSD/OS.
Reported by Dan Reish.
1996-11-15 Tom Tromey <>
1996-11-09 François Pinard <>
* Replace a missing basename.
Reported by Bryant Fujimoto, Erick Branderhorst, Greg Black, John
David Anglin, John J. Szetela, Kaveh R. Ghazi, Kurt Jaeger, Marcus
Daniels, Santiago Vila Doncel and William Bader.
1996-11-08 François Pinard <>
* Replace a missing dirname.
1996-10-07 François Pinard <>
* Clean out some macro calls made useless since
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE implies them.
1996-09-20 François Pinard <>
* Do not check anymore for regex.
1996-09-19 François Pinard <>
* Check echo for newline suppression.
1996-09-18 François Pinard <>
* Do not add open3.o to LIBOBJS anymore.
1996-09-14 Tom Tromey <>
* Don't rely on autoconf internal cache variable
names. Also, rename our own cache variables to avoid autoconf
Rewrote utime.h check to use cache.
* acconfig.h (WITH_DMALLOC): Added.
* Only look for system cpio in /bin and /usr/bin.
1996-09-13 Tom Tromey <>
* (cvs-dist, cvs-diff, path-check): New targets.
1996-09-12 Tom Tromey <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): German, Polish, and Dutch now
1996-09-08 Tom Tromey <>
1996-09-05 François Pinard <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add pl.
1996-09-04 François Pinard <>
* (AC_OUTPUT): Prepare tests/Makefile and tests/preset.
* Use AM_ version of fp_ macros.
* (SUBDIRS): Add tests/.
1996-08-06 Tom Tromey <>
* Updated for Automake 1.1.
1996-07-18 François Pinard <>
* Use AC_PREREQ(2.10).
1996-07-16 François Pinard <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add nl.
Reported by Erick Branderhorst.
1996-07-12 François Pinard <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add ko and sl.
1996-05-01 François Pinard <>
* Check for fsync, and linux/fd.h.
Reported by Marty Leisner.
1996-04-17 François Pinard <>
* (EXTRA_DIST): New name for DIST_OTHERS.
* (ALL_LINGUAS): Add no.
* (BABYL): Consider rmail/* instead of rmail/*/*.
1996-03-20 Tom Tromey <>
* aclocal.m4 (fp_FUNC_FNMATCH): New macro.
1996-03-11 Tom Tromey <>
* (ALL_LINGUAS): French translation available.
1996-03-10 Tom Tromey <>
* Added code for test suite.
1996-03-09 Tom Tromey <>
* (AC_OUTPUT): Added tests/Makefile, tests/defs.
* (SUBDIRS): Added tests.
1996-02-28 François Pinard <>
* Avoid PROGRAMS, instead use RMT to substitute rmt.
* (SUBDIRS): Use intl and po instead of @INTLSUB@ and
* Check for poll.h and stropts.h.
Check for nap, napms, poll, select and usleep.
1996-02-12 François Pinard <>
* Remove CONFIG_HEADER, not required by Automake 0.29.
* Temporarily remove a \ in AC_OUTPUT for automake.
1996-02-03 François Pinard <>
* Check size of unsigned long (assume 32 bits if
cross-compiling) and long long (assume not available).
1996-01-19 Tom Tromey <>
1996-01-14 François Pinard <>
* (AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): Select gnits and dist-shar.
(dist-zoo): New goal, experimental for now.
1996-01-07 François Pinard <>
* Force distribution of BACKLOG.
Reported by Jonathan Thornburg.
* Declare BABYL. Force distribution of AUTHORS
and rebox.el. Add id, ID and dist-shar targets. Add parts of
previous as FIXME comments.
1995-12-30 François Pinard <>
* Ensure there is a link for libintl.h.
Reported by Daniel S. Barclay, Göran Uddeborg, Jonathan Thornburg,
Ken Raeburn and Minh Tran-Le.
1995-12-29 François Pinard <>
* New file.
* Decide if README-alpha should be distributed.
From Ulrich Drepper.
1995-12-28 François Pinard <>
* (AC_OUTPUT): Call sed for po/
* Distribute ABOUT-NLS rather than NLS, and do not
distribute config.guess or config.sub anymore.
* Test for lchown.
1995-12-19 François Pinard <>
* Prefer avoiding union wait, and use it only if
using int fails. This turns around the previous test, as directly
checking for union wait is seemingly seeking for trouble.
Reported by Alan Bawden, Chris Arthur MacGregor, Coranth Gryphon,
Jean-Philippe Martin-Flatin, Robert Bernstein and Tarang Kumar
* Check for strerror, so lib/error.c will not try to
define sys_errlist in the case strerror is already provided.
Reported by Coranth Gryphon, Chris Arthur MacGregor, David
J. MacKenzie, Erich Stefan Boleyn, Greg Black, Jason R. Mastaler,
Michael Innis Bushnell, Robert Bernstein, Santiago Vila Doncel,
Skip Montanaro and Thomas Krebs.
* Quote the selected shell. I wonder why this
error did not show up before!
* Check <sys/tprintf.h> and <sys/device.h> for BSDi.
Reported by Chris Arthur MacGregor and Skip Montanaro.
1995-12-18 Tom Tromey <>
* Check for sgtty.h.
1995-12-17 François Pinard <>
* Be more systematic at caching test results.
Reported by Ulrich Drepper.
* While checking for remote tape header files, only
include <sgtty.h> if it was found to exist.
* Prefer #if to #ifdef while checking for open3.
1995-12-17 Tom Tromey <>
* acconfig.h (DEBUG_CPIO): New define.
* Added --enable-debug option.
* (VERSION): Version 2.4.50.
* Various: Incorporated changes from distributed cpio 2.4.
1995-12-03 Tom Tromey <>
1995-11-30 François Pinard <>
* Check for net/errno.h and sys/inet.h, trying to
get EOPNOTSUPP defined.
* Check for sgtty.h.
1995-11-26 Tom Tromey <>
* (DIST_OTHER): Removed.
1995-11-22 John Oleynick <>
* cpio.texi: Updated release date and FSF's address.
* NEWS: Listed major new features for 2.4.
* mt.c, mt.1: Added seek and fsfm commands.
* Version 2.4 released.
1995-11-22 Tom Tromey <>
* acconfig.h (CPIO_USE_GNU_TAR): Undefine.
1995-11-16 Tom Tromey <>
* If sys/mtio.h found, then build mt.
Added --enable-gnutar.
1995-11-13 Tom Tromey <>
* (cpio_cv_func_fnmatch): Put fnmatch.o in LIBOBJS,
1995-11-12 Tom Tromey <>
* New file.
1995-11-11 Tom Tromey <>
* (dist): Use 'pax' to make distribution.
1995-11-06 François Pinard <>
* acconfig.h: Document HAVE_STPCPY for the time being. I do not
understand yet why this is mandatory: it should be automatic
from AC_CHECK_FUNCS(stpcpy) in aclocal.m4, through autoheader.
* Use fp_FUNC_FNMATCH, to get around non-working
versions on SCO Unix 3.2v4.2, and Solaris.
Reported by Chad Hurwitz, Dennis Pixton, Per Foreby, Richard
Westerik, Robert Weiner and Tom Tromey.
1995-11-05 Tom Tromey <>
* Removed duplicate "rmt" tests.
1995-11-04 Tom Tromey <>
* Check for sys/gentape.h.
* acconfig.h: New file.
* Wrote caching for fnmatch test.
strcasecmp has a replacement function.
1995-11-03 Tom Tromey <>
* (VERSION): New version number; merged with
1995-11-02 Tom Tromey <>
* (dist): Don't set dist_topdir for submakes.
1995-10-31 Tom Tromey <>
* (dist): Set dist_topdir for subdirectory makes.
* Separated directory structure. See src/ChangeLog for changes
prior to this date.
1995-10-27 François Pinard <>
* Add /usr/bin/rcmd as a possible remote shell, as
this is the name used by SCO Unix 3.2.4.
Reported by Bela Lubkin and Rodney Brown.
1995-07-23 François Pinard <>
* Adapt for GNU gettext 0.8.
1995-07-10 François Pinard <>
* (default): Define to all.
1995-06-18 François Pinard <>
* For mknod, also include <sys/types.h> prior to
<sys/stat.h>, as Ultrix needs this.
Reported by Bruce Jerrick, Bryant Fujimoto, Conrad Hughes, Erich
Stefan Boleyn, Jason R. Mastaler, Joshua R. Poulson, Jurgen Botz,
Serge Granik, Simon Wright, Ulrich Drepper and Vince Del Vecchio.
* Replace execlp as needed (for Minix, mainly).
* Force compilation of lib/open3.c if required.
Clean out old NO_OPEN3 code.
1995-06-17 François Pinard <>
* Release tar 1.11.8.
* (DISTFILES): Distribute config.guess and config.sub.
Reported by Ulrich Drepper.
* acconfig.h, aclocal.m4, Last minutes
additions, and glimpses to the future gettext 0.6.1.
Reported by Ulrich Drepper.
* acconfig.h: Document HAVE_MKNOD.
* Test for mknod only once <sys/stat.h> included.
Reported by Alan Modra, Ray Dassen and Ulrich Drepper.
* aclocal.m4: Test for re_rx_search instead of rx_compile, the
latter not being exported unless RX_WANT_RX_DEFS is defined.
Reported by Alan Modra.
1995-06-15 François Pinard <>
* (dist): Do not hide copying rule.
* Adjustments to NLS, so .sed scripts may now all
reside in intl/.
1995-06-13 François Pinard <>
* (pot): New goal, triggering po/tar.pot.
1995-06-07 François Pinard <>
* Substitute POTFILES by contents of po/POTFILES.
* More adjustments for GNU gettext 0.6.
* config.guess, config.sub: New files, all taken from gettext 0.6.
1995-06-04 François Pinard <>
* (check): New goal.
1995-05-30 François Pinard <>
* (DISTFILES): Do not distribute SUPPORT, now
integrated in the documentation.
Reported by Karl Berry.
1995-05-28 François Pinard <>
* Check for isascii, not iascii.
Reported by Alan Modra, Bruno Haible and Greg McGary.
1995-05-16 François Pinard <>
* (DISTFILES): Distribute NLS.
*, acconfig.h: Many adjustments for GNU gettext.
1995-05-09 François Pinard <>
* Clean glocale out.
* (SUBDIRS): Add po.
* (pofile): New goal.
1995-05-08 François Pinard <>
* Call ud_WITH_NLS, create intl/
Compute size of unsigned short and unsigned int.
* acconfig.h: Document ENABLE_NLS, HAVE_CATGETS and HAVE_GETTEXT.
* Process intl subdirectory.
* (LINGUAS): Add pt.
* src/pt.po: New file, for Portuguese.
Reported by Antonio Jose Coutinho.
1995-03-19 François Pinard <>
* acconfig.h: Add description for WITH_CATALOGS.
1995-02-22 François Pinard <>
*, Replace `date' by `echo timestamp'.
1995-02-19 François Pinard <>
* Support ID files. Do not distribute TAGS.
1995-02-05 François Pinard <>
* (maintainer-clean): New name for realclean.
1995-01-02 François Pinard <>
* Check for <sys/ioccom.h>.
Reported by Joseph E. Sacco.
1995-01-01 François Pinard <>
* (DISTFILES): Distribute SUPPORT, with *pre*-releases.
1994-12-18 François Pinard <>
* Check for isascii.
Reported by Bruno Haible.
1994-12-11 François Pinard <>
* Use fp_WITH_REGEX.
* acconfig.h: Document WITH_REGEX.
1994-12-10 François Pinard <>
* src/ New file, for German.
Reported by Ulrich Drepper.
1994-12-03 François Pinard <>
* Localize, adapting from how it is done in sharutils.
* src/ New file, for French.
*, {,*/}, acconfig.h:
1994-11-26 François Pinard <>
* Check for <libintl.h> and <locale.h>.
1994-11-02 François Pinard <>
* Check for const only after having found possible
ANSIfying compiler flags, this is of no use to check it before.
1994-11-01 François Pinard <>
* {,*/} Clean up, following those of GNU m4. I will
not detail all the changes here.
* Likewise.
* acconfig.h: Document PRODUCT and VERSION.
1994-10-04 François Pinard <>
* Correct shell assignment for ac_cv_path_RSH.
Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi.
1994-09-14 François Pinard <>
* Cleanup... Use subshells for all cd's.
(MDEFINES): Do not use $(INSTALL...), because ./install-sh will
not be relocated correctly.
(DISTFILES): Distribute install-sh, not
(tags): Make only in lib and src.
(TAGS): Deleted.
(distclean, realclean): Remove config.status.
(distclean-local): Don't.
(*-recursive): Combine, use sed to strip -recursive in subgoals.
(Makefile): Have ./config.status create this Makefile only.
(stamp-h): Have ./config.status create config.h only. Do not
create stamp-h here, it is now done from configure.
( Use date instead of touch.
* (AC_OUTPUT): Create stamp-h.
1994-09-09 François Pinard <>
* Use fp_ macros for accessing aclocal.m4. Revert
_OS_ macros to their previous names, to follow Autoconf.
1994-09-08 François Pinard <>
* Delete AC_OS_XENIX, now within AC_HEADER_DIRENT.
1994-09-01 François Pinard <>
* (PROGS): Warn if $DEFAULT_ARCHIVE was specified,
while not being found on the current system.
Reported by Robert Bernstein.
1994-08-31 François Pinard <>
* Distribute it.
* (distclean-local): Delete config.log.
1994-08-27 François Pinard <>
* acconfig.h: Document HAVE_UNION_WAIT, no more in Autoconf.
1994-08-24 François Pinard <>
* Replace AC_SYS_REMOTE_TAPE by its definition,
distillating it around. It is going out of Autoconf.
Do not backslash quotes anymore while defining unquoted, this is
now corrected in Autoconf.
1994-08-23 François Pinard <>
* Do not define RTAPELIB nor HAVE_RTAPELIB.
1994-08-22 François Pinard <>
Little cleanup in installation:
* Do not check for wait3, this function is not used.
* Remove useless RSH substitutions.
* Use `-g -O' instead of `-g' as CFLAGS default
value, when GNU C is being used. Delay testing for presets.
Reported by Chris Arthur MacGregor.
1994-08-21 François Pinard <>
* (BACKLOG, dist, shar): Correct for when a different
build directory.
* Check for union wait. Adapted from make 3.71.
* Replace both mkdir and rmdir, not just mkdir,
because NS32016 running SysVr2.2 has mkdir and lacks rmdir.
Reported by Greg Black.
* Do not try anymore to discover the archive device
by looking around for various device names. If the installer does
not override it, nicely use `-' as a convenient default.
Reported by Andreas Schwab and Kaveh R. Ghazi.
1994-08-20 François Pinard <>
* Correct a checking message.
Reported by Bruno Haible.
1994-08-17 François Pinard <>
* Replace AC_PROG_RSH with its expansion. Correct
the no/true confusion in tests. Do not substitute RSH anymore in
src/Makefile, instead define REMOTE_SHELL in config.h. Replace
NO_REMOTE by HAVE_RTAPELIB, with inverted meaning. Substitute
RTAPELIB by $Urtapelib.o instead of rtapelib.o.
* acconfig.h: Document HAVE_RTAPELIB and REMOTE_SHELL.
Reported by Andreas Schwab.
* Checking for remote shell, use the RSH environment
variable if set. This is done only when not already in the cache.
Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi.
* Include <sys/types.h> when testing <utime.h>.
Reported by Andreas Schwab.
* Also create doc/Makefile.
* Add doc in subdirs, set infodir, update MDEFINES.
1994-08-16 François Pinard <>
* Undo the `test -b' patch of 1994-08-05. Ultrix
4.2 test does not know about -b. Grrr...
Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi.
* Check for <sys/gentape.h>, HAVE_SYS_GENTAPE_H
is tested in rmt.c. Check for <sys/tape.h>, to avoid playing
with M_UNIX anymore in rmt.c.
Reported by Daniel R. Guilderson and Kaveh R. Ghazi.
* Use proper function names in AC_CHECK_LIB's.
Reported by Alexander Dupuy and Kurt Jaeger.
* Use $LIBOBJS, not LIBOJBS, while adding to it.
Reported by Demizu Noritoshi and Kaveh R. Ghazi.
1994-08-14 François Pinard <>
* Decide MTIO_CHECK_FIELD by grepping <sys/mtio.h>.
* acconfig.h: Document it.
Reported by Ben A. Mesander.
INSTALL_DATA, RSH, CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, LIBS, prefix, exec_prefix,
binprefix, bindir and libexecdir.
(MDEFINES): New, using the previous substitutions.
(all, install, uninstall): Use it.
Reported by Bruno Haible.
1994-08-13 François Pinard <>
* Check for <sys/wait.h>.
1994-08-11 François Pinard <>
* For <utime.h>, also ensure struct utimbuf is
defined by the header file before defining HAVE_UTIME_H. Some
systems will not define the structure without _POSIX_SOURCE.
* acconfig.h: Document HAVE_UTIME_H.
Reported by James W. McKelvey and Robert E. Brown.
* Instead of replacing strstr, check for it, so
HAVE_STRSTR gets defined, then replace it explicitely if required.
1994-08-09 François Pinard <>
* Updated for Autoconf 2.0.
1994-08-08 François Pinard <>
* Replace memset, mkdir (and rmdir), rename, strstr,
ftruncate, when not found.
Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi (for memset and strstr).
Reported by Bruno Haible (for mkdir and rename).
1994-08-05 François Pinard <>
* Remove padding test.
* acconfig.h: Remove PADDING_IN_TAR_HEADER.
Reported by Bruno Haible.
* While defining DEFAULT_ARCHIVE, check for a block
device, instead of mere existence. But is `test -b' portable?
Test for /dev/fd0, instead of for /dev/fd. Put rct tests last.
Reported by Andreas Schwab.
* Define uid_t and gid_t if necessary.
Reported by Jonathan I. Kamens.
* (distclean-local): Delete config.cache.
Reported by Thomas Koenig.
* Change malloc_dbg to dmalloc, mutatis mutandi.
* acconfig.h: According changes.
* Test for broken stat macros, and for mkfifo.
* Check for ST_BLKSIZE and ST_BLOCKS.
1994-08-02 François Pinard <>
* (dist, shar): Distribute the scripts directory.
1994-08-01 François Pinard <>
* Check for <memory.h>.
1994-07-30 François Pinard <>
* When --with-malloc-dbg, define WITH_MALLOC_DBG and
add -lmalloc_dbg to LIBS.
* acconfig.h: Document WITH_MALLOC_DBG.
* Try deciding DEVICE_PREFIX and DENSITY_LETTER from
the selected DEFAULT_ARCHIVE.
* acconfig.h: Document DEVICE_PREFIX and DENSITY_LETTER.
Reported by Danny R. Johnston.
1994-07-29 François Pinard <>
* aclocal.m4: Adapt AC_PROTOTYPES to caching.
* Using configure as generated by a more recent Autoconf solves a
problem of rename being rejected on HP-UX in ANSI mode, because of
a conflicting prototype from <stdio.h>. In this context, Autoconf
now uses ctype.c instead for defining __stub macros.
Reported by Alan Modra, Burkhard Plache, Edward Welbourne,
Henrik Bakman, Jeffrey Goldberg, Jim Farrell, Kimmy Posey,
Michael Maass, Mike Nolan, Richard Lloyd, Robert McGraw,
Robert W. Kim, Stefan Skoglund, Tarang Kumar Patel, Tilman
Schmidt, Tim Ramsey, Van Snyder and W. Phillip Moore.
1994-07-26 François Pinard <>
* Check for <fcntl.h>. Do not define BSD42, do
not look anymore if /vmunix, /sdmach or /../../mach exist.
* acconfig.h: Remove BSD42.
1994-07-24 François Pinard <>
* Add gmalloc.o to LIBOBJS, instead of AC_SUBST'ing
MALLOC. Check for valloc only if gmalloc.o is not being selected.
valloc was possibly defined both in "port.h" and GNU malloc.
* acconfig.h: Add a description for HAVE_VALLOC.
J.T. Conklin, Nelson H.F. Beebe and Tilman Schmidt.
1994-07-22 François Pinard <>
* Use provided fnmatch only as a replacement.
* Check for <sys/io/trioctl.h>, needed for
defining _IOW and _IOR on the Tektronix XD88.
Reported by Kaveh R. Ghazi.
1994-07-20 François Pinard <>
* (BACKLOG): New goal, for summarizing the
maintainance backlog. Distribute file BACKLOG.
1994-07-08 François Pinard <>
* regex.c, regex.h: Use newer versions. This solves a few
problems reported by users.
Reported by Chris Hopps and John David Anglin.
1994-07-06 François Pinard <>
* Check for <utime.h>.
1994-07-05 François Pinard <>
from the environment. Check for /dev/tape first while trying to
decide the default archive, because it is often symlinked right.
* Use @SET_MAKE@.
Reported by Jim Meyering.
* Integrate the check, previously in testpad.c,
about a needed padding field in the tar header struct.
* acconfig.h: Explain PADDING_IN_TAR_HEADER.
1994-07-02 François Pinard <>
* Check for -linet, this library is required on
a few systems for gettimeofday() or getservbyname(). Also, on ISC
4.0, this avoids a broken version of rename().
Reported by Dean Gaudet, Goeran Uddeborg, Mike Rogers and
Peder Chr. Norgaard.
* Ensure -lsocket is tested after -lnsl. This is
required in particular for SINIX-Z, an SVR4.0 system.
Reported by Manfred Weichel and Mark Frost.
* All tests reordered for clarity.
1994-07-01 François Pinard <>
* Use AC_TIME_WITH_SYS_TIME, test for <sys/time.h>.
This should solve the problem of multiple inclusions of <time.h>.
Also, also check for <sys/timeb.h>, for getdate.y tests this.
Reported by Jim Meyering, John Rouillard, Karl Berry and Rick
1994-06-30 François Pinard <>
* AC_CONST was already added since 1.11.2, but no
ChangeLog entry for it, so here is one, with list of reporters.
* AIX 3.2 RS/6000 IBM's compiler was unable to compile regex.c,
this might be solved already through improved Autoconf tests.
Reported by Alexey Vovenko, Ben A. Mesander, Bryant
Fujimoto, Christian. T. Dum, Christopher Vickery, Dan Bloch,
David K. Drum, David Lemson, Demizu Noritoshi, Dimitris
Fousekis, Ezra Peisach, Hugh Secker-Walker, Indra Singhal,
J.T. Conklin, Jan Hoeglund, Janice Burton, Jeff Siegel,
Jim Blandy, John L. Chmielewski, John Rouillard, Jonathan
N. Sherman, Kevin D Quitt, Kurt Jaeger, Mark Frost, Matthew
Braun, Michael Kubik, Michael Helm, Moritz D. Klingholz,
Neil Jerram, Nelson H.F. Beebe, Nick Barron, Paul Eggert,
R. Scott Butler, Rob Parry, Ron Guilmette, Scott Grosch,
Sherwood and Stephen Saroff.
* Completely replaced, lurking at the previous one.
At the same time, solve a few minor problems reported by users.
The most frequently reported ones pertained to a trailing \ in a
comment, and rmt installing in /etc.
Reported by Dean Gaudet, Gerben Wierda, James W. McKelvey,
John L. Chmielewski, Karl Berry, Mike Rogers, Ralf Suckow and
Richard Lloyd.
* Also process lib/ and src/
Substitute CFLAGS, LDFLAGS and YFLAGS from the environment.
Use AC_CHECKING instead of using echo explicitely.
Use AC_HEADER_CHECK(unistd.h) instead of obsolete AC_UNISTD_H.
* Generate a configuration header file. This not
only puts less clutter in make output, but also goes around some
compilers' limits about the number of allowed -D options.
Reported by Nelson H.F. Beebe.
* acconfig.h: New file.
* Split distribution into a few subdirectories, for easing
maintainance. So far: src, lib, scripts, msdos which are to be
distributed; then rmail, texinfo, ARCH and misc to be kept here.
* scripts/ChangeLog: Initialized by moving entries related to
scripts out of this ChangeLog.
* Taking over maintenance duties.