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TODO file for paxutils
Tell if you feel like volunteering for
any of these ideas, listed more or less in decreasing order of priority.
Some TODO items are implicit from received email. See file ``BACKLOG``.
Significant contributions require written assignments and disclaimers.
Notes particulières
+ ~/libit/rmail/m4
+ ~/libit/rmail/gettext
paxutils matters
+ Packaging
+ Design bulky test suite assembled with m4.
+ Merge PO files from cpio and tar.
+ Check various intl configurations.
+ Compile with all warnings, with traditional, etc.
+ cpio history
+ Use newest autoconf
+ Internationalize
+ Update all Makefiles to GNU standards. Test. Consider allowing
rewriting of program names. [ automake handles all this ]
+ Documentation
+ Add a note about setting ROOT during testing to avoid spurious
failures on some systems.
+ Write to cpio.texi maintainer with suggestions:
+ Need to handle pax.
+ Merge all 'invoking cpio' sub-nodes into one node.
+ Merging
+ Headers.
+ Incorporate all tar features & extensions.
+ 4 interfaces to cpio code: cpio, pax, tar, backup (last 2 come
+ 'copy-archive' mode (rewrite archive into archive). Should be able
to do this with multiple archives at once.
This might require separating input and output buffers. Certainly
requires spliting archive_format variable into two.
+ Convert all code into better style. Should use function pointers
for everything; no explicit cases. Make it much easier to add a new
format as desired.
+ Write "farf" (Free ARchive Format). Why? Because an extensible
archiving format is a win. We want to handle Mac, NT, etc files.
Or, consider using extended ustar format as suggested in pax
+ Extensions
+ StuffIt format?
+ Ability to write shar files?
cpio matters
+ Test:
+ Add check for bug on DEC Alphas from John Heller.
+ Write test for bug fixed by Han Holl.
+ Requests:
+ Option --backup.
+ Option --verify-after-write.
+ Option --what-if.
This would let you see which files would actually be extracted.
Code for this exists already.
+ Changes:
+ How to handle fact that corrupt archives are generated if files
change as cpio runs? one idea is to just punt, but provide a
--volatile (?) flag that first reads the entire file into memory
before dumping. Obviously this could fail if the file is
excessively large.
+ Probably should always dump directories first, even in cpio format
(for pax? Or cpio too?) We could get around current cpio
restrictions by storing deferments for directories, and changing the
permissions (&c) after the archive has been fully read.
+ Another good (?) idea here is to notice when the directory changes,
and set the permissions then. If a file comes along later that
belongs in that dir, temporarily change the perms back. This relies
on the fact that most archives are in "canonical" order.
+ Generate ls-style listings so we can browse with dired? Look at how
tar-mode works and see if changes could be made so that a generic
archiving mode would be easy to write.
+ Questions:
+ In copyin.c, how does append_flag interact with save_patterns?
+ How do renaming options (eg, "-s" for pax) interact with links?
+ In copyout.c: how does only-verify-crc mode interact with tar format?
+ How does -s really interact with copy-pass?
+ Make sure no-abs-path code works in all relevant cases.
+ Why not merge recursion processing in copypass and copyout? The
filesystem should be treated as just another back end.
+ Does copy-pass handle sparse files?
+ Is it faster to compile a glob pattern into a regexp and then apply
+ Backup:
+ keep dumpdates-style database
+ optionally keep index database
+ way to estimate data to dump (how does Amanda handle this?)
+ filesystem mode -- don't dump across FS boundaries [done]
+ ensure integration with Amanda is simple
+ Option --xdev
don't cross fs boundary
+ Option --index
generate dump index file; put dump level in index file
+ Option --dumpdates=file
set dumpdates file
+ Option --indexfile=file
set index file
+ Option --restore
Restore mode.
+ Option --level=n
Only for dump mode; specifies dump level
+ By default indexfile is ".gnudumpindex" at top level of each
directory. (Should this file be dumped??)
+ How to handle archive splits? (Higher level tool)
pax matters
+ Option -c might need some work where directories are concerned (?).
+ Option -d needs work where directories are concerned.
+ Option -n is completely unimplemented.
+ Preserve_mode_flag is unimplemented.
+ Question: do pax patterns really not act like cpio patterns? That
is, they do strict "fnmatch" style matching, not "ignore '/'
matching". Test.
+ Add "delete after copying" flag to pax. Then you can batch rename
files using: pax -r -w -l -<deleteflag> ...
[ this is probably a bad idea ]
tar matters
+ { Prepare gettext.[ch], zlib.[ch], aclocal.m4 from m4/*.m4, dmalloc }.
+ create.c: diagnostics missing when `goto badfile'.
+ compare.c: confusion between stderr and stdlis, WARN and ERROR.
+ --ignore-failed-read might have been defeated.
+ Better clean sources for list.c, extract.c, create.c and buffer.c.
+ revise all NAMSIZ references, too often related to short buffers.
+ current_link_name, current_file_name not always quoted when printed.
+ Take over script maintenance, implement a `restore' script.
+ Make a debugging feature out of all `#if 0'.
+ In version 1.14, remove obsolete option names (record .vs. block).
mt matters
rmt matters
+ Does rmt need --help and --version?