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This is, produced by makeinfo version 3.12i from
* pax utilities: (paxutils). pax and other archiving utilities.
* cpio: (paxutils)cpio invocation. Handling cpio archives.
* pax: (paxutils)pax invocation. The POSIX archiver.
* tar: (paxutils)tar invocation. Making tape (or disk) archives.
* mt: (paxutils)mt invocation. Basic tape positioning.
* rmt: (paxutils)rmt invocation. The remote tape facility.
This file documents `paxutils' 2.4i.
Copyright (C) 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 Free Software
Foundation, Inc.
Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this
manual provided the copyright notice and this permission notice are
preserved on all copies.
Permission is granted to copy and distribute modified versions of
this manual under the conditions for verbatim copying, provided that
the entire resulting derived work is distributed under the terms of a
permission notice identical to this one.
Permission is granted to copy and distribute translations of this
manual into another language, under the above conditions for modified
versions, except that this permission notice may be stated in a
translation approved by the Foundation.

Indirect: 1266 49915 98428 146494 193677 243640 291271 339834 388005

Tag Table:
Node: Top1266
Node: Introduction15446
Node: Book contents16323
Node: Definitions18331
Ref: Definitions-Footnote-119966
Node: What cpio does20201
Node: What pax does20981
Node: What tar does21437
Node: Stylistic conventions24202
Node: Authors25504
Ref: Authors-Footnote-129732
Ref: Authors-Footnote-229936
Ref: Authors-Footnote-330301
Node: Reports30602
Ref: Reports-Footnote-133134
Node: cpio Tutorial33316
Node: tar Tutorial37088
Node: Assumptions38167
Node: Simplified invokation40642
Node: Basic tar options41151
Node: create list extract tutorial44868
Node: file verbose help45549
Node: file tutorial46603
Node: verbose tutorial47784
Node: help tutorial49565
Node: create tutorial49915
Node: prepare for examples51637
Node: Creating the archive tutorial53313
Node: create verbose56149
Node: Short create57006
Node: create dir tutorial60188
Node: list tutorial63086
Node: absolute tutorial64471
Node: Listing directories65946
Node: extract tutorial66993
Node: Extracting archives68592
Node: Extracting files69115
Node: Extracting directories71250
Node: Failing commands73187
Node: Two mistakes74290
Node: Looking ahead75381
Node: cpio invocation76511
Node: Copy-out mode76844
Node: Copy-in mode77759
Node: Copy-pass mode79141
Node: cpio Options79956
Node: pax invocation88162
Node: tar invocation88333
Node: Synopsis90071
Ref: Synopsis-Footnote-196038
Ref: Synopsis-Footnote-296206
Ref: Synopsis-Footnote-396339
Node: Using options96406
Node: Styles98428
Node: Long options99918
Ref: Long options-Footnote-1101650
Node: Short options101829
Ref: Short options-Footnote-1103503
Node: Old style103714
Ref: Old style-Footnote-1106365
Node: Mixing106535
Ref: Mixing-Footnote-1108958
Node: Documentation and help109074
Node: version109715
Ref: version-Footnote-1110727
Node: help110938
Node: verbose113549
Node: checkpoint116158
Node: show-omitted-dirs116678
Node: totals117312
Node: block-number118073
Node: interactive119443
Node: Subcommands120769
Ref: Subcommands-Footnote-1122979
Node: list123107
Ref: list-Footnote-1127277
Node: Reading127391
Node: read-full-records128042
Node: ignore-zeros130065
Node: ignore-failed-read132077
Node: compare133829
Node: extract135762
Node: extract options137167
Node: Writing140750
Node: Preventing overwrite140921
Node: keep-old-files144975
Node: to-stdout145414
Node: backup146494
Node: suffix150285
Node: Unlinking150784
Node: unlink-first152130
Node: recursive-unlink152443
Node: Attributes152925
Node: touch153312
Node: same-owner154380
Node: same-permissions155564
Node: no-attributes156578
Node: Scarce156995
Node: starting-file157289
Node: same-order158226
Node: preserve159100
Node: create159615
Ref: create-Footnote-1164483
Node: name-prefix164634
Node: atime-preserve166580
Ref: atime-preserve-Footnote-1167902
Node: remove-files167974
Node: append168207
Node: Appending files170941
Node: Multiple files172613
Node: update175052
Node: How to update176120
Node: Unsuitability of update178020
Node: Applications179399
Node: concatenate181123
Node: Using cat with archives184700
Node: delete186077
Node: Choosing188020
Node: file188864
Node: Using file193677
Node: Standard archive199161
Node: lmh199324
Node: Remote199614
Node: force-local201646
Node: rsh-command202035
Node: rmt invocation203358
Node: Selecting Archive Members203511
Node: files-from205173
Ref: files-from-Footnote-1208606
Node: find with files-from208771
Node: null211172
Node: quick213231
Ref: quick-Footnote-1215682
Node: Exclusions215894
Node: exclude216601
Node: exclude-from217307
Node: Wildcards217948
Ref: Wildcards-Footnote-1221352
Node: Problems with exclude221543
Node: Time criteria223742
Node: after-date226124
Node: newer-mtime227534
Node: Walking228500
Node: no-recursion228783
Node: one-file-system230562
Node: Relative232046
Node: directory232311
Ref: directory-Footnote-1235200
Node: absolute-names235412
Node: Formats238445
Node: Portability238857
Node: Portable names239999
Node: dereference241153
Node: old-archive242605
Node: posix243640
Node: Checksumming253874
Node: Forced fields255745
Node: mode256148
Node: owner257010
Node: group257977
Node: numeric-owner258647
Node: Compression260904
Node: Archive compression262340
Node: gzip267309
Node: compress268539
Node: use-compress-program269537
Ref: use-compress-program-Footnote-1271158
Node: Member compression271263
Node: sparse272209
Ref: sparse-Footnote-1276355
Ref: sparse-Footnote-2276544
Node: Other formats276802
Node: cpio277065
Node: zip281768
Node: Media283303
Node: Blocking285721
Node: Blocks and records287491
Ref: Blocks and records-Footnote-1290692
Ref: Blocks and records-Footnote-2290915
Node: blocking-factor291271
Node: record-size294999
Node: Media types295565
Node: Reblocking297929
Ref: Reblocking-Footnote-1299253
Node: Many on one299437
Node: Tape positioning303492
Node: mt invocation305363
Node: One on many307162
Node: Multi-volume archives311863
Node: multi-volume314823
Node: tape-length316145
Node: info-script316632
Node: volno-file317495
Node: Being careful318195
Node: label318541
Ref: label-Footnote-1323703
Node: verify323941
Node: Write protection326918
Node: Other tape considerations327754
Node: Backups329810
Node: incremental listed-incremental332465
Node: incremental332769
Node: listed-incremental335311
Node: Backup levels337040
Node: Full dumps339834
Node: Incremental dumps345135
Node: Backup parameters347170
Node: backup-specs example349585
Node: Script syntax350446
Node: Scripted backups351126
Node: Scripted restoration352974
Node: All options354522
Node: Subcommand summary355204
Node: Option summary356785
Node: Short option summary371399
Node: Date input formats372636
Node: General date syntax375068
Node: Calendar date item376549
Node: Time of day item378504
Node: Timezone item380112
Node: Day of week item383426
Node: Relative item in date strings384414
Node: Pure numbers in date strings386303
Node: Authors of getdate387286
Node: Archive format388005
Node: tar-h390272
Node: Standard format401552
Node: Extended format409783
Node: Index415207

End Tag Table