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@echo off
echo Configuring GNU Tar for DJGPP v2.x...
Rem Find out where the sources are
set XSRC=.
if not "%XSRC%" == "." goto SmallEnv
if "%1" == "" goto InPlace
set XSRC=%1
if not "%XSRC%" == "%1" goto SmallEnv
redir -e /dev/null update %XSRC%/configure.orig ./configure
if not exist configure update %XSRC%/configure ./configure
Rem Update configuration files
echo Updating configuration scripts...
if not exist configure.orig update configure configure.orig
update djgpp/configure ./configure
Rem `configure' won't run correctly without these variables
if not "%PATH_SEPARATOR%" == ":" goto SmallEnv
if not "%PATH_EXPAND%" == "y" goto SmallEnv
set INSTALL=${DJDIR}/bin/ginstall -c
if not "%INSTALL%" == "${DJDIR}/bin/ginstall -c" goto SmallEnv
echo Running ./configure...
sh %XSRC%/configure --src=%XSRC% --host=i386-pc-msdosdjgpp --disable-nls
echo Done.
goto End
Rem Protect them against too small environment size
cho Your environment size is too small. Enlarge it and run me again.
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