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(old) `tar' and `pax' utilities

tag: v1.11.2
Hey!  Emacs!  Yo!  This is -*- Text -*- !!!

This GNU tar 1.11.2.  Please send bug reports, etc., to  This is a beta-test release.  Please
try it out.  There is no manual; the release of version 1.12 will
contain a manual.

GNU tar is based heavily on John Gilmore's public domain tar, but with
added features.  The manual is currently being written.  

This distribution also includes rmt, the remote tape server (which
normally must reside in /etc).  The mt tape drive control program is
in the GNU cpio distribution.

See the file INSTALL for compilation and installation instructions for Unix.
See the file NEWS for information on all that is new in this version
of tar.

makefile.pc is a makefile for Turbo C 2.0 on MS-DOS.

Various people have been having problems using floppies on a NeXT.  In
order to have them work right, you need to kill the automounting
program which tries to monut floppies as soon as they are added.

If you want to do incremental dumps, use the distributed backup
scripts.  They are what we use at the FSF to do all our backups.  Most
importantly, do not use --incremental (-G) or --after-date (-N) or
--newer-mtime to do incremental dumps.  The only option that works
correctly for this purpose is --listed-incremental.  (When extracting
incremental dumps, use --incremental (-G).)

If your system needs to link with -lPW to get alloca, but has
rename in the C library (so HAVE_RENAME is defined), -lPW might
give you an incorrect version of rename.  On HP-UX this manifests
itself as an undefined data symbol called "Error" when linking cp, ln,
and mv.  If this happens, use `ar x' to extract alloca.o from libPW.a
and `ar rc' to put it in a library liballoca.a, and put that in LIBS
instead of -lPW.  This problem does not occur when using gcc, which
has alloca built in.

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