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* README file for `tar/contrib/'.		-*- outline -*- (allout)

.* Hi, people!

   The `contrib/' directory of the `tar' distribution contains a few
   miscellaneous tools, ports, or such things, which have been collected
   here and there, a bit randomly, for your possible entertainment or use.

   Beware that nothing here is supported by the `tar' maintainer, you
   might have to contact the authors directly to get support.  There is no
   guarantee that any file in this directory will still exist in subsequent
   releases.  Finally, there is no guarantee either that I will accept
   to include contributions, unless I find them very good or very small.
   But I'm quite willing to give URL pointers to other tools, right here!

.* Included files

   To the best of my knowledge, all included files are free, and already
   available widely by other means.  I did not collect any kind legalistic
   papers proving that the contained material is indeed free.  In case of
   a dispute, or at the mere request of the author, I'll quickly remove
   any dubious material.  So, do not consider the files here as being as
   *safe* as the things you usually get from the Free Software Foundation.

   Please drop me a note about what you found to be useful, in here,
   to help me at deciding what should be kept and what should go away.

. + cpio.1
. + mt.1
. + tar.1

    Previous `man' pages for `cpio' and `mt' from the `cpio' distribution.
    Another `man' page for `tar' by Rick P. C. Rodgers <>.

. + src-makefile.go3
. + lib-makefile.go3
. + config.sta
. + config.go3

    Previous DOS port of version 1.11.8 for GO32, by Yasushi Suzudo.

.* External pointers

. + Amanda

    A fully featured and fairly speedy network parallel backup system,
    including automatic tape management, and sophisticated scheduling.
    James da Silva <> (unsupported)
    Alexandre Oliva <>,,,

. + afbackup

    An alternate networking backup system, able to split huge partitions
    onto many tapes and dump Solaris' ACLs.  Uses its own archiving format.
    Debian have put it on their distribution.
    Albert Flügel <>

. + star

    A `tar' rewrite, flexible, and especially fast while writing tapes.
    It is advertised as able to read and produce almost any `tar' format.
    Joerg Schilling <>

. + zip

    `zip' is an archiver tool which compresses files individually, and
    which is quite popular on smaller systems, and even on Unices by now.

. + Torture-testing

    Elizabeth Zwicky <>, or maybe <>,
    documents a series of torture tests on a number of Unix backup programs
    (including tar 1.10) in her fascinating paper:

       Elizabeth D Zwicky
       "Torture-testing Backup and Archive Programs:
   	Things You Ought to Know But Probably Would Rather Not"
       pp.181-189 in
       USENIX Large Installation System Administration (LISA) V
       conference proceedings (30 Sept - 3 Oct 1991, San Diego)*
       1993-06-25 analyse-backups.tex.Z
       1994-04-30 question-bibliography
       1993-07-04 suns+others.dvi.Z
       1993-07-04 suns+others.tex.Z
       1994-04-30 torture-results*
       1991-10-31 how-to-torture.Z
       1991-10-05 mod-gnu-diff.tar.Z
       1991-10-05 torture.perl.Z

.* Existing `tar' ports

   Please if you are aware of various
   ports of tar to non-Unix systems not listed here, or for corrections.
   Please provide the goal system, a complete and stable URL, the maintainer
   name and address, the tar version used as a base, and your comments.

. + Amiga

.  -
     Maintained by Enrico Forestieri
     Based on tar 1.11.8.

.  -
     Maintained by the ADE group
     Based on tar 1.11.8, needs ixemul.library.

.  -
     uploaded by

. + DEC alpha (NT)

.  -
     Maintained by Drew Bliss and Geoff Voelker
     tar for NT (intel and Alpha platforms).


.  -
     Maintained by Richard Levitte
     This is a separate implementation of tar.

.  - Maintained by William Bader
     For V4.7.  Based on an old PDtar.  Requires compatible shared libraries
     to run V5 or V6 executables.

.  - within the DEC Shell, an alternate CLI from DEC trying to emulate Unix

. + IBM/PC (DV/X)

.  - (?)
     Maintained by David Ronis
     For Desqview/X.  Everything works besides compression.  Copy of hacked
     sources available, some of DV/X's programmer's library also needed.


.  - Look in the IBM/PC (Win32) section, for the DJGPP project.

.  - (Germany)
     Maintained by Darrel Hankerson
     You get many GNU tools, not only `tar'.  The GNUish project is described
     in `gnuish_t.htm'.
     Kai Uwe Rommel also made `' in 1990.

.  -
     Maintained by Leslie Mikesell
     Based on tar 1.11.2.  Support for SCSI (via ASPI) and network (rsh over
     packet driver).  No support for win95 long file names.

.  -*
     Maintained by Christoph Splittgerber
     Based on tar 1.10.  Support for SCSI (via ASPI).

.  -*.zip
     Maintained by Timur V. Shaporev
     This is a `tar' rewrite.  Beta 3.21 is available.

.  - (?)
     Several DOS versions based on PDtar.  John Gilmore
     says he has copies of several vintages saved.

.  -

.  -
     Based on PDtar.

.  -
     Pointer reported to be in the comp.compression FAQ.

.  -
     Maintained by ?? Colburn <??>.
     Pointer reported to be in the comp.compression FAQ.

.  -
     Able to read .tar.gz, tar.z, .tgz (tar + gzip) files.
     Pointer reported to be in the comp.compression FAQ.

.  - Look in the IBM/PC (OS/2) section, for `gtak'.

.  - Look in the IBM/PC (Win32) section, for `untgz'.

.  -
     Maintained by Tillmann Steinbrecher
     This is not a `tar' port, but an index of them.

. + IBM/PC (Windows 3.1)

.  -
     Maintained by Leslie Mikesell
     Support for network (rsh over winsock).  No support for win95 long
     file names.

.  -
     Based on tar 1.11.2.

. + IBM/PC (OS/2)

.  -
     Maintained by Andreas Kaiser
     Version 2.58.  Based on tar 1.10.  The second archive contains SCSI
     drivers (DAT streamers notably) and rmt-type programs.

.  - Look in the IBM/PC (Win32) section, for `untgz'.

.  - GNUish? (see MS-DOS above)
     Kai Uwe Rommel <> made a port in 1990, named `'.

. + IBM/PC (Win32: Windows 95, NT 3.5 or NT 4.0)

.  -
     Maintained by Eli Zaretskii
     Based on tar 1.12+.  The DJ Delorie's project is described at, it contains many tools besides `tar'.

.  -
     Maintained by Cygnus.
     Cygwin32 distribution.  Download all files, `cat' them together,
     and `untar' the result.  You get many GNU tools, not only `tar'.
     Based on tar 1.11.8.

.  - Look in the DEC alpha (NT) section.

.  -
     Maintained by Tillmann Steinbrecher
     The `untgz' program is a fast .tar or .tar.gz (.tgz) extractor.

.  -
     Maintained by Dave Korn mailto:???
     Based on an old version, before --version was supported.

. + Macintosh

.  - There is a tar in Stuffit Expander which is available many places and
     comes with MacOS.  It creates some spurious files but works on average.

.  - There is an excellent tar bundled in Tenon MachTen, but it does not
     seem to be available separately.
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