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from django.conf import settings
from django.db import models
from django.db.models import Q
if "notification" in settings.INSTALLED_APPS:
from notification import models as notification
notification = None
class FriendshipManager(models.Manager):
def friends_for_user(self, user):
friends = []
qs = self.filter(Q(from_user=user) | Q(to_user=user)).select_related(depth=1)
for friendship in qs:
if friendship.from_user == user:
friends.append({"friend": friendship.to_user, "friendship": friendship})
friends.append({"friend": friendship.from_user, "friendship": friendship})
return friends
def are_friends(self, user1, user2):
return self.filter(
Q(from_user=user1, to_user=user2) |
Q(from_user=user2, to_user=user1)
).count() > 0
def remove(self, user1, user2):
if self.filter(from_user=user1, to_user=user2):
friendship = self.filter(from_user=user1, to_user=user2)
elif self.filter(from_user=user2, to_user=user1):
friendship = self.filter(from_user=user2, to_user=user1)
class FriendshipInvitationManager(models.Manager):
def invitations(self, user):
return self.filter(Q(from_user=user) | Q(to_user=user)).exclude(status__in=(5, 6, 7))
def create_friendship_request(self, from_user, to_user, msg=None):
inv = self.create(from_user=from_user, to_user=to_user,
message=msg or "", status=2)
if notification:
notification.send([to_user], "friends_invite", {"invitation": inv})
notification.send([from_user], "friends_invite_sent", {"invitation": inv})
return inv
def invitation_status(self, user1, user2):
invs = self.filter(
Q(from_user=user1, to_user=user2) |
Q(from_user=user2, to_user=user1)
if not invs:
return None
return max(inv.status for inv in invs)
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