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I would like to include django-user-accounts as an external requirement to a new project, but still be able to add custom fields to the Account model (besides the existing user, timezone and language fields). How would I go about that? I suppose that I will have to subclass the Account, SignupForm and SignupView (overwriting create_account()) classes? Or would it be easier to just copy over the code from django-user-accounts and modify it directly within my own project?

Thanks for any insights!


ghost commented Feb 3, 2013

I have the same issue. It would be great if somebody could tell about good pratcise to do that.


brosner commented Jan 14, 2014

There isn't much in the way of allowing this at the Django-level. However, in Django 1.5 the ability to define your own User model was added. This should solve this exact issue. I am going to close this in favor of using a custom user model.

Edit: I'd like to point out that DUA now supports custom user models as of 65cc7cd

brosner closed this Jan 14, 2014

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