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fix: fail silently if ACCOUNT_EMAIL_UNIQUE is True but adding a same email #62

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Currently if


and a new account with same email is to be created,
it just fails silently.

We should throw the exception to let further handling.

@brosner brosner closed this pull request from a commit
@brosner brosner Allow IntegrityError to propagate with duplicate email
Fixes #62. When ACCOUNT_EMAIL_UNIQUE is True we should fail loudly when an
attempt to insert a duplicate occurs. Let the callers handle the failure.
@brosner brosner closed this in 0007ea4

I would have merged this pull request, but it no longer merged cleanly so I did it myself.

This is a good catch. I believe the code was left over from the very early days before uniqueness was supported. Thank you!

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  1. +8 −12 account/
20 account/
@@ -2,24 +2,20 @@
class EmailAddressManager(models.Manager):
def add_email(self, user, email, **kwargs):
confirm = kwargs.pop("confirm", False)
- try:
- email_address = self.create(user=user, email=email, **kwargs)
- except IntegrityError:
- return None
- else:
- if confirm and not email_address.verified:
- email_address.send_confirmation()
- return email_address
+ email_address = self.create(user=user, email=email, **kwargs)
+ if confirm and not email_address.verified:
+ email_address.send_confirmation()
+ return email_address
def get_primary(self, user):
return self.get(user=user, primary=True)
except self.model.DoesNotExist:
return None
def get_users_for(self, email):
# this is a list rather than a generator because we probably want to
# do a len() on it right away
@@ -27,7 +23,7 @@ def get_users_for(self, email):
class EmailConfirmationManager(models.Manager):
def delete_expired_confirmations(self):
for confirmation in self.all():
if confirmation.key_expired():
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