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Template Tags


This renders some css style sheets that will style the widget.:

{% likes_css %}

It renders "phileo/_css.html" and can be overridden as desired.


This renders a fragement of html that will be what the user will click on to unlike or like objects. It only has two required parameters, which are the user and the object.

{% likes_widget user object [like_link_id="likes" like_span_total_class="phileo-count" toggle_class="phileo-liked"] %}

It renders "phileo/_widget.html" and can be overridden as desired.


This is a simple inclusion template tag that will render a bit of javascript for doing the ajax toggling of a user's like for a given object. The only two required parameters are the first two which are the user doing the liking and the object that is the subject of the liking.:

{% likes_js user object [like_link="#likes" like_span_total="phileo-count" toggle_class="phileo-liked"] %}

It renders "phileo/_script.html" and can be overriden as desired.


The "liked" template tag will decorate a iterable of objects given a particular user, with a "liked" boolean indicating whether or not the user likes each object in the iterable:

{% liked objects by request.user as varname %}
{% for obj in varname %
    <div>{% if obj.liked %}* {% endif %}{{ obj.title }}</div>
{% endfor %}


The "likes" tag will fetch into a context variable a list of objects that the given user likes:

{% likes request.user "app.Model" as objs %}
{% for obj in objs %}
    <div>{{ obj }}</div>
{% endfor %}
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