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setting default emitter to BiblionHtmlEmitter, which it effectively w…

…as before before as the post form hardcoded it
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1 parent 2273a52 commit 7542f59d83f2c42cb7eec1d6235a6ecc4a9b14b7 @lukeman lukeman committed Jul 12, 2011
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@@ -186,7 +186,7 @@ class BiblionHtmlEmitter(PygmentsHtmlEmitter, ImageLookupHtmlEmitter):
-def parse(text, emitter=HtmlEmitter):
+def parse(text, emitter=BiblionHtmlEmitter):
return emitter(Parser(text).parse()).emit()

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brosner commented on 7542f59 Jul 12, 2011

The reason for the original default value was to keep the module generic enough to be copy and pasted around. I am fine with the change, but not sure it really buys us anything does it?

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