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An event logger
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Pinax Eventlog


Pinax is an open-source platform built on the Django Web Framework. It is an ecosystem of reusable Django apps, themes, and starter project templates. This collection can be found at

This app was developed as part of the Pinax ecosystem but is just a Django app and can be used independently of other Pinax apps.


pinax-eventlog is a simple app that provides an easy and clean interface for logging diagnostic as well as business intelligence data about activity that occurs in your site.

Out of the box using this does write to the database.

For small sites, it should be good enough to use inline but you might at some point want to consider wrapping calls to the log() method and queue them in a job manager like celery or pyres so that the calls become asynchronous.


This project was originally named eventlog and was created by the team at Eldarion. It was later donated to Pinax and at that time renamed to pinax-eventlog.


The pinax-eventlog documentation can be found at The Pinax documentation is available at If you would like to help us improve our documentation or write more documentation, please join our Pinax Project Slack channel and let us know!

Code of Conduct

In order to foster a kind, inclusive, and harassment-free community, the Pinax Project has a code of conduct, which can be found here

Pinax Project Blog and Twitter

For updates and news regarding the Pinax Project, please follow us on Twitter at @pinaxproject and check out our blog

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