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a Django app for allowing users of your site to send messages to each other
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Pinax Messages


Pinax is an open-source platform built on the Django Web Framework. It is an ecosystem of reusable Django apps, themes, and starter project templates. This collection can be found at


pinax-messages is an application for allowing users of your Django site to send messages to each other.

This was formerly named user-messages but was renamed after being donated to Pinax from Eldarion.

Getting Started

Include pinax-messages in your requirements file and add "pinax.messages" to your INSTALLED APPS setting.

Once you have the pinax-messages installed, hook up the URLs:

urlpatterns = patterns("",
    # some cool URLs

    (r"^messages/", include("pinax.messages.urls")),

    # some other cool URLs

Now all you need to do is wire up some templates.

Running the Tests

$ pip install detox
$ detox


The pinax-messages documentation is currently under construction. If you would like to help us write documentation, please join our Slack channel and let us know! The Pinax documentation is available at

Code of Conduct

In order to foster a kind, inclusive, and harassment-free community, the Pinax Project has a code of conduct, which can be found here

Pinax Project Blog and Twitter

For updates and news regarding the Pinax Project, please follow us on Twitter at @pinaxproject and check out our blog

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