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@@ -41,40 +41,3 @@ our Twitter accounts:
in the Pinax development/community.
* @pinaxtracker — — each commit published
as a tweet to stay the most up-to-date.
-I (James Tauber) recently moved from one apartment to another in the same
-complex. We had a two-week overlap where we had access to both places so
-rather than move everything over at once, we moved things we most wanted
-first, made sure they were set up and then moved on to the next thing.
-Anything that needed replacing or we didn't want anymore, we left in the old
-place until the last day when we threw it out.
-The Pinax team are undertaking a very similar approach to getting Pinax ready
-for 0.9 release. There are parts of Pinax that are mature and in production
-use; there are parts that need cleaning up; and there are parts which need to
-be replaced completely. Rather than doing all that in-place, we've set up a
-new branch, originally called fresh-start, but now master (with the old master
-renamed to master-old)
-We're moving things from master-old over incrementally, starting with
-foundational starter projects and only the pieces they need. This means that
-the new master branch is still pretty sparse (like my new apartment was the
-first few days). But the stuff that's there will be production ready, or very
-close to it, and will be reflective of the plans for the 0.9 release. This also
-gives us an opportunity to do a better job of tests and documentation by
-helping prioritize our time to the most important and stable parts of the
-If there's stuff in Pinax master-old that isn't in the "fresh-start" master
-branch, it could be that we simply haven't gotten to it yet. Or it could mean
-we're deprecating its usage and plan an alternative approach in the new branch
-(and hence 0.9). If in doubt, please ask us our plans.
-The issue tracking system on is now intended only for
-issues with the fresh-start. is still around for
-issues filed against older Pinax. This helps us focus on the code being
-prepared for release rather than sorting out issues in code that will be
-discontinued anyway.

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