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9 docs/gettingstarted.txt
@@ -78,15 +78,6 @@ Go ahead and install Pinax::
(mysite-env)$ pip install Pinax
-.. note:: ``pip install Pinax`` is a development version
- Currently, only our development version is available with pip install.
- Previous versions of Pinax were not available with pip install.
- Keep in mind the development version may not be 100% stable. If you are
- looking to help out with development you should read our
- :ref:`development documentation <development>`.
``pip`` you say? pip_ is a tool bundled with virtualenv to install Python
packages. It is super handy and it is used in Pinax extensively to handle
dependencies. You should become very familiar with this tool.
4 docs/index.txt
@@ -8,10 +8,6 @@ Pinax: a Django-based platform
Release |release|
-.. admonition:: Note
- This documentation covers the fresh-start ``master`` branch and an **unreleased** version of Pinax.
Pinax is an MIT-licensed, open-source platform built on the Django Web

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