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Commits on Jul 31, 2009
  1. @jezdez
  2. @jezdez
  3. @jtauber
  4. @jtauber
  5. @jezdez
  6. @jezdez
  7. @jezdez

    Stop using --always-copy flag of easy_install to prevent PermissionDe…

    jezdez committed
    …nied errors on Windows.
  8. @jezdez
  9. @jezdez
  10. @brosner
  11. @brosner
  12. @brosner
  13. @brosner
  14. @brosner
  15. @brosner

    Updated django-avatar to 1.0.2

    brosner committed
    This includes a fix, but also brings in some changes ericflo did.
    Hopefully not breaking anything.
  16. @brosner
Commits on Jul 30, 2009
  1. @brosner

    Removed Django from 0.7beta3 full.txt since it now dealt with in pina…

    brosner committed
    … as a base requirement
  2. @brosner
  3. @brosner
  4. @brosner
Commits on Jul 29, 2009
  1. @jezdez
  2. @jezdez
  3. @brosner
  4. @brosner

    Fixed #348 — Added threadedcomments_extras to INSTALLED_APPS of sampl…

    brosner committed
    Thanks Luke Hatcher for reporting this.
  5. @brosner

    Fixed #350 — Moved social_project specific link out of photos app tem…

    brosner committed
    …plates to only social_project
  6. @brosner

    Fixed #349 — Changed ordering of template loaders to ensure project l…

    brosner committed
    …evel overrides app level in sample_group_project
  7. @brosner
  8. @jtauber
  9. @jtauber
  10. @brosner

    Fixed #347 — Added threadedcomments_extras to restore task detail pag…

    brosner committed
    …e in code_project
    Thanks Luke Hatcher for the report.
  11. @brosner

    Fixed #346 — Fixed bad project imports after cloning a project

    brosner committed
    This removes the imports has they were problematic in clones and magically
    changing them was too risky let along hacky.
    Thanks Luke Hatcher for reporting this issue.
  12. @alibrahim @jtauber

    Fixed #344 - Added remove manager to remove bi-directional friendship…

    alibrahim committed with jtauber
    … relation
    Signed-off-by: James Tauber <>
  13. @jezdez
  14. @jezdez
  15. @jezdez
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