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Added missing balancing DIV and moved inline CSS to base.css #27

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wongo888 commented May 7, 2011

Missing closing div was blowing out my template mods under IE7 so I had to fix this. I also moved the inline CSS to the base.css file.

Fixes this issue in the old tracker


brosner and others added some commits May 14, 2010

@brosner brosner Added message telling users of older versions of pip to upgrade bfd9dc6
@brosner brosner Quit properly when we cannot continue any longer 28b932d
@brosner brosner Use REQUEST to get redirect_field_value so redirect URLs can persist …
…form validation errors
@brosner brosner Be consistent with our use of e-mail (go with the version Django uses) 624093a
@brosner brosner Make use of success_url when ACCOUNT_EMAIL_VERIFICATION is True to gi…
…ve a better user experience
@brosner brosner More email -> e-mail fcc81cf
@brosner brosner Django 1.2 is here! bff201a
@brosner brosner Added Pinax has a requirement to all projects c3d34e8
@brosner brosner Added Pygments to company_project 57c0803
@brosner brosner Removed the magic with development builds as it fails when pip pins t…
…he version
@brosner brosner Cleaned up requirements/ directory
Removed the cruft we no longer need (we're using versioning control system so
there is no point in keeping around older releases). Added a development.txt
as the new entry point and included Sphinx.
@brosner brosner Pinned development releases for more reliable updates using pip 1dea8da
@brosner brosner Updated out-dated requirements 7eeec8a
@brosner brosner Fixed a search/replace fail on django-attachments requirement 4e7fe94
@brosner brosner Updated django-announcements to 0.1.2 which fixes installation with s…
@brosner brosner Fixed more search/replace fail on textile requirement 09864d9
@brosner brosner Wrap pinax import error message at 78 columns d591984
@brosner brosner More email -> e-mail changes 958a2c7
@brosner brosner Refs #661 — added missing Markdown requirment in cms_*_project 67749b4
@brosner brosner CIA test 1 5666f63
@brosner brosner Worked on first try. Yay! ab1cc65
@brosner brosner Fixed #573 — updated django-generic-flatblocks to 0.9.1 which include…
…s the 1.2 fix
@brosner brosner 0.9a1.dev12 2ff2ebb
@brosner brosner Django 1.2.1 d847b98
@brosner brosner Removed {% captureas %} which Pinax no longer uses for its original p…
@brosner brosner Removed |in_list filter in favor of using 'in' from Django 1.2 smart-…
…if tags
@brosner brosner Removed svn_app_version templatetags as they are no longer used 9451aae
@brosner brosner Pinned django-groups requirement a0f7e0c
@brosner brosner Updated docutils requirement 34bf75e
@brosner brosner Include project-level app templates 9c3a91c
@brosner brosner Cleaned up templates/README and removed section about Pinax trunk as …
…it really doesn't make sense now
@brosner brosner Updated FAQ about 0.7 and Django 1.2. 5ce8068
@brosner brosner Removed python-yadis (no longer needed) and bumped python-openid to 2…
@jtauber jtauber added ROADMAP; initially written at PyCon and updated with latest status 6e7d7cc
@brosner brosner Fixed #670 — corrected pip install docs to reflect a working method 33651e2
@vlinhart vlinhart + Transifex robot l10n: Updated Czech (cs) translation to 97%
New status: 44 messages complete with 0 fuzzies and 1 untranslated.

Transmitted-via: Transifex (www.transifex.net).
@vlinhart vlinhart + Transifex robot l10n: Updated Czech (cs) translation to 100%
New status: 45 messages complete with 0 fuzzies and 0 untranslated.

Transmitted-via: Transifex (www.transifex.net).
@vlinhart vlinhart + Transifex robot l10n: Updated Czech (cs) translation to 12%
New status: 56 messages complete with 0 fuzzies and 379 untranslated.

Transmitted-via: Transifex (www.transifex.net).
@brosner brosner Cleaned up some trailing whitespace in ROADMAP fd41ecc
@brosner brosner Removed clone_project from customization documentation replacing it w…
…ith setup_project
@brosner brosner Fixed a small typo in ref anchor a935c5f
@brosner brosner Added back :ref: which was mistakenly removed a71945b
@brosner brosner Today is clearly not my day 1782e38
@brosner brosner Removed _project suffix from project bases 07b5348

jtauber commented on 07b5348 Jun 30, 2010

what's the thinking behind doing this?


brosner replied Jun 30, 2010

This change was made to match how setup_project uses bases which before these values worked in clone_project. I think we should clarify this a bit better in the paragraph above the list and tweaking the wording for each base.

bartTC commented on 586e28b Jun 30, 2010


brosner and others added some commits Sep 10, 2010

None of the projects which use account depend on django-oauth-access yet. This will, right now, fail for all projects using this template out of the box. You'll need to revert lines 56–71.


paltman replied Oct 24, 2010

Reverted in the next commit:


paltman and others added some commits Oct 24, 2010

@paltman paltman remove oauth bits from signup page 4ef6714
@tubaman tubaman changed absolute url to url template tag in admin link 0cf3b6f
@tubaman tubaman change absolute url for profile list to url template tag a9e0cb3
@brosner brosner Fixed #701 — renamed deployment files from pinax.(fcgi|wsgi) to (fcgi…

This is beneficial for deployment which might require importing the file (
particularly wsgi.py.) It allows users to use gunicorn's WSGI app deployment
strategy with Pinax.
@brosner brosner 0.9a2.dev2 1c75577
@brosner brosner Fixed two bugs when setting up the environment when the caller is in …
…a deployment file

It is possible for __file__ to be a pyc file in some deployment situations
and it can be a full path (not sure how this slipped by).
@brosner brosner 0.9a2.dev3 e86307d
@brosner brosner Removed basic_profiles from cms_* projects as it wasn't ever used 1ad7c5f
@brosner brosner Upgraded Django version to 1.2.4 (includes security fixes amongst oth…
…er bugfixes)
@brosner brosner 0.9a2.dev4 c2751e5
@brosner brosner Added SIGNUP_REDIRECT_URLNAME to allow sign-up specific redirecting
get_default_redirect has been changed to work better with settings by removing
its dependency on them. The signature is changed to accept a fallback URL as
a required parameter allowing any setting to be used.
@brosner brosner 0.9a2.dev5 838963b
@brosner brosner Updated Sphinx to 1.0.x a4660a5
@brosner brosner Fixed other uses of get_default_redirect to match the new signature b390673
@brosner brosner Updated images to support transparency and smaller for the new site. …
…Thanks Issac Kelly for providing new images.
@brosner brosner Cleaned up setup.py style d043b84
@brosner brosner Changed maintainer to myself in setup.py b68f32f
@brosner brosner Added download_url c135004
@brosner brosner Do not use the deprecated django.core.context_processors.auth context…
… processor
@brosner brosner 0.9a2.dev6 3712832
@jtauber jtauber fixed openid urls include 4e34b74
@brosner brosner Fixed a missing import and NameError in signup_codes 1320a1c
@brosner brosner Pass down e-mail address to signup form in signup_codes signup view 811ccd6
@brosner brosner 0.9a2.dev7 3c75220
@brosner brosner Added missing comma 36ee4f1
@brosner brosner Ya know, sometimes it just happens this way — sigh 9311757
@brosner brosner Bumped django-mailer to 0.2a1.dev3 7a8ebc6
@bmihelac @brosner bmihelac + brosner Fixed #751 — security middleware should not return False
Signed-off-by: Brian Rosner <brosner@gmail.com>
@brosner brosner {% user_display %} out must be conditionally escaped when displaying …
…a value as templatetags do not do this for you.
@brosner brosner Upgraded Pinax to use Django 1.2.5
This release does have a backwards incompatible change with regard to a
secruity fix. If you are calling your Django code from Javascript this might
be affecting you. Please see http://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.2/releases/1.2.5/
@brosner brosner 0.9a2.dev10 a208eea
@hobson @brosner hobson + brosner blog -> task refactoring of docs/groups.txt
Signed-off-by: Brian Rosner <brosner@gmail.com>
@brosner brosner Moved signup code creation and send logic from form to model 7a6af0e
@brosner brosner Added SignupCode.email to unicode representation 5c2c79f
@brosner brosner Increased expiry on signup codes to 24 hours (a better override is co…
…ming soon)
@brosner brosner 0.9a2.dev11 81fc6e3
@brosner brosner Fixed datetime missed by pyflakes 8fa7ff0
@brosner brosner 0.9a2.dev12 d3e1c9c
@brosner brosner Added SignupCode.sent field to represent when a signup code was sent …
…(or to indicate it has not been sent)
@brosner brosner 0.9a2.dev13 bf1c13b
@brosner brosner Removed mention of pinax-boot.py in manage.py 058857d
@paltman paltman corrected spelling 81211a1
@wongo888 wongo888 Added missing balancing DIV and moved inline CSS to base.css cf5fa16

@jtauber jtauber closed this Sep 10, 2011

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