Strength and DRY password form fields #41

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The changes provide the ability to enable secure passwords
The used algorithm is from a Jquery plugin:

Help request:

  • Must write a better error message and update the i18n
  • Assembling the Jquery plugin in the template

What's happened with this commit?.. there are other way to validate a strength password?.


The commit works, I didn't find other way, just realize there is not a feature pinax need.


How can i use this?.. I don't see this changes in a master branch, and can't find a branch with this changes to install from pip.


The change was only proposed here and is only a fork of the 2 files u can't see in the commit diff, so:

  • The files still haven't change so you can simple replace them in a clean pinax instalation or deal with diff
  • Declare a variable ACCOUNT_STRENGTH_PASS in u'r project ** if ACCOUNT_STRENGTH_PASS is True, strengh = 34 ** if ACCOUNT_STRENGTH_PASS is Number, strengh = ACCOUNT_STRENGTH_PASS

look at to estimated strengh


Thanks, do you know why they don't merge this with the master branch?


I guess I close it to early :P

Me alegra que te haya servido


Pues si, aunque me hubiese gustado que el cambio hubiese sido agregado a la rama master .
Gracias por todo.

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