Modified all to use latest dev build. Removed static_files. #49

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Modified all to use latest dev build. Removed static_files (redundant since Django 1.3).


lukeman commented Feb 29, 2012

Looks like you closed these, but two things stick out to me:

  • django-staticfiles isn't redundant — the app still provides newer features (like the {% static %} template tag) across all versions of django we support
  • using editables in requirements files is not something we do unless a clear need arises (like when we were iterating on the theme daily or when a bug is fixed but and app has not been released)

Thanks for the info, but the 1.3 release notes:

Show that django.contrib.staticfiles is included. Was that a different module? - I remember reading somewhere that django-staticfiles is redundant from 1.3.

How is the Pinax support for Django 1.4b1?


lukeman commented Mar 1, 2012

As I said above, contrib.staticfiles does not include all of the features of the standalone app. If I merged your changes to requirements to remove django-staticfiles the project would fail as we use the {% static %} template tag which won't land in Django until 1.4 is released.

As for 1.4, I believe we have folks using Pinax and Django 1.4b1 together already (see We'll iron out any changes that are needed to support Django 1.4/1.3 at PyCon.

Ahh, I see.

I've been running 1.4, so didn't notice the unsupported {% static %} tags.

Will keep an eye on the Pinax page.

Thanks for your work :)


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