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This repo is the codebase for the Pinball Map app. The code for the Pinball Map website is here. If you have an app issue, please use this repo; if you have a website issue, please use that one!

Pinball Map App Logo

Overview of 5+ releases

(prior to version 5, we were using different code bases for the app):

Release dates are approximate, given that review times vary between the App Store and Play Store.


March 24, 2022

  • Show backglass image (from OPDB) on machine screen
  • Note whether or not an operator receives machine comments
  • Add contributor rank and badge to user profile
  • Updated the FAQ
  • Bug fixes and stuff


February 8, 2022

  • Refined the City search so that it pulls up all results in that city
  • Design updates (increased text contrast, revised colors)
  • Fixed a scrolling issue on the Events page
  • Fixed an issue on Android where commas weren't being added when entering a high score


December 20, 2021

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't remove an operator from a location
  • Added Kosovo to list of countries in Submit Location form
  • Other minor enhancements


November 11, 2021

  • "Last updated" wasn't always showing the correct info
  • Some design updates
  • Code enhancements and performance improvements


September 29, 2021

  • Updated theme colors, as well as redesigned some elements, especially on the Location Details screen
  • Replaced system fonts with custom fonts
  • Android: Fixed bug with heart map marker icons not always displaying correctly
  • Fixed issue with search not geocoding correctly
  • Fixed issue with search keyboard being dismissed at wrong times
  • Code enhancements and performance improvements (lots of behind the scenes updates, like how we store secrets, and where the root of the app is, etc)


September 5, 2021

  • Fixed that bug more better with the "my location" button on some devices
  • Fixed issue with deep links not always working correctly


August 30, 2021

  • Fixed a bug with the "my location" button on some devices
  • Fixed/tweaked some design things


August 18, 2021

  • Update the "country" picker in the Location Suggestion form
  • Fixed a bug in how that country field is processed
  • Minor design tweaks, including a new splash screen logo


August 12, 2021

  • Added an option in the Settings page for using Miles or Kilometers as the distance unit
  • On iOS, Show the number of machines at your Saved locations on the map (the heart icon)
  • Styled the Events page (missed this in the 5.2.0 update), and added a more descriptive message when Events cannot be fetched from the IFPA calendar


July 28, 2021

  • Fixed a bug: when submitting multiple locations in a row, sometimes the 2nd+ locations weren't submitting correctly (but the user probably wouldn't know).


July 15, 2021

  • Adjusted deep links
  • Fixed a couple button styles


July 8, 2021

  • Universal links (aka deep links), so a url hyperlink will open up that location on the app
  • Added "share" button on location details screen, so you can text app links to friends
  • When Filtering by machine, you can choose "all versions of that machine" (e.g Pro, Premium, etc) or just that one version
  • Performance improvement on map: map does not auto-refresh results when you pan/zoom. Now, you'll see a "Search this area" button to refresh the results
  • On iOS, show number of machines on the dots on the map. And places with more machines have slightly larger dots
  • On Android, the map dots use the default google maps style (for better performance)
  • Added "stale" text to locations that haven't been updated in over two years
  • Redesigned colors/styles
  • Redesigned the location details screen so it is a single tab. All the tools (add machine, confirm lineup, etc) are found upon clicking the Tools button
  • Display a Message of the Day on the map screen. It will only display when we have something new to say. The message can also be found on the About page
  • Updated the FAQ
  • Added a "Resources" page
  • Lots of bug fixes and code enhancements


Mar 30, 2020

  • New Settings page where you can manually choose either dark or light mode
  • Redesigned dark mode
  • Show commas on long number while entering high scores
  • Disabled OTA updates (accidentally sent one out last week, sorry)
  • Misc fixes


Feb 7, 2020

  • New feature! Recently Search History. When you click the search bar, you'll see your last 10 searches.
  • Fixed a bug where the scrollbar was showing up in the middle of the screen on some devices.
  • Misc bug fixes and code enhancements.


Dec 31, 2019

  • Bug fix: Sometimes when you search for a city, the map would go to that city and then a second later jump back to the previous extent. This has been fixed.
  • Some navigation updates.
  • General code updates and maintenance.


Dec 23, 2019

  • Dark Mode (Android) (for devices that have this mode)
  • Improved gesture navigation (e.g. swipe right to go back)
  • Misc bug fixes and code updates


Nov 14, 2019

  • Support for Dark Mode (iOS)
  • New Filter on the “machine filter” for only listing machines that aren’t currently show in the map extent
  • Ignore “The” when sorting machine names in machine list
  • Many bug fixes and code enhancements


Sept 28, 2019

  • Fixed blog and podcast screens (on Android).


Sept 25, 2019

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Code maintenance


Aug 30, 2019

  • Resolving intermittent DNS-related issue.


Aug 20, 2019

  • Removed the link to our Patreon page, per the app store (iOS) guidelines.
  • Updated the 5.5" device screenshots in the (iOS) app store.


Jul 26, 2019

  • Fixed: Added the city name to the Saved locations list


June 22, 2019

  • Type “region” in the search bar to see a list of regions!
  • Sort the Location List by number of machines
  • Increase the “max zoom”, especially if you have a filter applied
  • Make panning/zooming a little smoother
  • Brighter Recent Activity icons
  • Fixed the map marker jumping when two locations are really close together
  • Added city name to location list items
  • Turn off autocorrect on search field
  • More gesture navigation
  • Updated the FAQ
  • Fix issue with special characters when searching or typing in passwords
  • Additional design adjustments and bug fixes


Jun 17, 2019

React Native app released.

  • It’s all just ONE BIG MAP now. No more switching between regions.
  • But you can still search for a region and pull up all the locations in it! The search also autocompletes for cities that definitely have machines.
  • A RECENT ACTIVITY feed, which shows all map edits within 30 miles of wherever you’re searching.
  • SAVE your favorite locations and quickly see a list of your favorites.
  • FILTER map results by machine, location type, operator, and/or number of machines.
  • See nearby events.
  • And it’s faster and better and more fun to use!


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