A place to store and organize quotations
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Quote Crate

A place to store and organize quotations. Or it will be. The goal is to create
a RESTful API for saving and searching quotes on the web. Currently it is pretty
primitive as you can only save them, but they are being properly indexed as of
v2 which proved to be far more of a challenge than I expected.


In my opinion the cool thing about this is the somewhat low-level implementation
of Lucene I created to write index information into Google’s Datastore. The code for
this currently sits in the gaelucene repository.


This stemmed from of Alex Payne’s “Open Ideas” or “Unfinished Ideas” which he
termed Quotidian. When I read his quick post about it I was struck
and went to work on it almost immediately figuring I could have a working version
up on the (at the time) newly released Google App Engine for Java pretty quickly.
Man was I wrong. A key component of this application is the ability to search
for stored quotes which is something that proved difficult with the immediately
available tools.