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Marker is a command palette for the terminal. It lets you bookmark commands (or commands templates) and easily retreive them with the help of a real-time fuzzy matcher.

It's also shipped with many commands common usage(Thanks to tldr).


  • A UI selector that lets you easily select the desired command if more than one command is matched.
  • Fuzzy matching (through commands and their descriptions).
  • Command template: You can bookmark commands with place-holders and place the cursor at those place-holders using a keyboard shortcut.
  • Portability across supported shells: you can use bookmarked commands in both Bash and Zshell.


  • Ctrl-space: search for commands that match the current written string in the command-line.
  • Ctrl-k (or marker mark): Bookmark a command.
  • Ctrl-t: place the cursor at the next placeholder, identified by '{{anything}}'
  • marker remove: remove a bookmark

You can customize key binding using environment variables, respectively with MARKER_KEY_GET, MARKER_KEY_MARK and MARKER_KEY_NEXT_PLACEHOLDER.


  • python (2.7+ or 3.0+)
  • Bash-4.3+ or Zshell.
  • Linux Or OSX

#####Note: In OSX, it seems like Bash 3.x is the default shell which is not supported. you have to update your Bash to 4.3+ or change your shell to zshell in order to use Marker.


git clone --depth=1 ~/.marker && ~/.marker/