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/* AHX originally by Pink/Abyss and bigup Xeron for Hivelytracker! */
typedef char int8;
typedef unsigned char uint8;
typedef short int16;
typedef unsigned short uint16;
typedef int int32;
typedef unsigned int uint32;
typedef double float64;
typedef char TEXT;
typedef int BOOL;
#define TRUE 1
#define FALSE 0
// Woohoo!
#define MAX_CHANNELS 16
#define Period2Freq(period) ((3546897.f * 65536.f) / (period))
#define FREQ 48000
#define HIVELY_LEN FREQ/50
#define OUTPUT_LEN 4096
struct hvl_envelope
int16 aFrames, aVolume;
int16 dFrames, dVolume;
int16 sFrames;
int16 rFrames, rVolume;
int16 pad;
struct hvl_plsentry
uint8 ple_Note;
uint8 ple_Waveform;
int16 ple_Fixed;
int8 ple_FX[2];
int8 ple_FXParam[2];
struct hvl_plist
int16 pls_Speed;
int16 pls_Length;
struct hvl_plsentry *pls_Entries;
struct hvl_instrument
TEXT ins_Name[128];
uint8 ins_Volume;
uint8 ins_WaveLength;
uint8 ins_FilterLowerLimit;
uint8 ins_FilterUpperLimit;
uint8 ins_FilterSpeed;
uint8 ins_SquareLowerLimit;
uint8 ins_SquareUpperLimit;
uint8 ins_SquareSpeed;
uint8 ins_VibratoDelay;
uint8 ins_VibratoSpeed;
uint8 ins_VibratoDepth;
uint8 ins_HardCutRelease;
uint8 ins_HardCutReleaseFrames;
struct hvl_envelope ins_Envelope;
struct hvl_plist ins_PList;
struct hvl_position
uint8 pos_Track[MAX_CHANNELS];
int8 pos_Transpose[MAX_CHANNELS];
struct hvl_step
uint8 stp_Note;
uint8 stp_Instrument;
uint8 stp_FX;
uint8 stp_FXParam;
uint8 stp_FXb;
uint8 stp_FXbParam;
struct hvl_voice
int16 vc_Track;
int16 vc_NextTrack;
int16 vc_Transpose;
int16 vc_NextTranspose;
int16 vc_OverrideTranspose; // 1.5
int32 vc_ADSRVolume;
struct hvl_envelope vc_ADSR;
struct hvl_instrument *vc_Instrument;
uint32 vc_SamplePos;
uint32 vc_Delta;
uint16 vc_InstrPeriod;
uint16 vc_TrackPeriod;
uint16 vc_VibratoPeriod;
uint16 vc_WaveLength;
int16 vc_NoteMaxVolume;
uint16 vc_PerfSubVolume;
uint8 vc_NewWaveform;
uint8 vc_Waveform;
uint8 vc_PlantPeriod;
uint8 vc_VoiceVolume;
uint8 vc_PlantSquare;
uint8 vc_IgnoreSquare;
uint8 vc_FixedNote;
int16 vc_VolumeSlideUp;
int16 vc_VolumeSlideDown;
int16 vc_HardCut;
uint8 vc_HardCutRelease;
int16 vc_HardCutReleaseF;
uint8 vc_PeriodSlideOn;
int16 vc_PeriodSlideSpeed;
int16 vc_PeriodSlidePeriod;
int16 vc_PeriodSlideLimit;
int16 vc_PeriodSlideWithLimit;
int16 vc_PeriodPerfSlideSpeed;
int16 vc_PeriodPerfSlidePeriod;
uint8 vc_PeriodPerfSlideOn;
int16 vc_VibratoDelay;
int16 vc_VibratoSpeed;
int16 vc_VibratoCurrent;
int16 vc_VibratoDepth;
int16 vc_SquareOn;
int16 vc_SquareInit;
int16 vc_SquareWait;
int16 vc_SquareLowerLimit;
int16 vc_SquareUpperLimit;
int16 vc_SquarePos;
int16 vc_SquareSign;
int16 vc_SquareSlidingIn;
int16 vc_SquareReverse;
uint8 vc_FilterOn;
uint8 vc_FilterInit;
int16 vc_FilterWait;
int16 vc_FilterSpeed;
int16 vc_FilterUpperLimit;
int16 vc_FilterLowerLimit;
int16 vc_FilterPos;
int16 vc_FilterSign;
int16 vc_FilterSlidingIn;
int16 vc_IgnoreFilter;
int16 vc_PerfCurrent;
int16 vc_PerfSpeed;
int16 vc_PerfWait;
struct hvl_plist *vc_PerfList;
int8 *vc_AudioPointer;
int8 *vc_AudioSource;
uint8 vc_NoteDelayOn;
uint8 vc_NoteCutOn;
int16 vc_NoteDelayWait;
int16 vc_NoteCutWait;
int16 vc_AudioPeriod;
int16 vc_AudioVolume;
int32 vc_WNRandom;
int8 *vc_MixSource;
int8 vc_SquareTempBuffer[0x80];
int8 vc_VoiceBuffer[0x282*4];
uint8 vc_VoiceNum;
uint8 vc_TrackMasterVolume;
uint8 vc_TrackOn;
int16 vc_VoicePeriod;
uint32 vc_Pan;
uint32 vc_SetPan; // New for 1.4
uint32 vc_PanMultLeft;
uint32 vc_PanMultRight;
uint32 vc_RingSamplePos;
uint32 vc_RingDelta;
int8 *vc_RingMixSource;
uint8 vc_RingPlantPeriod;
int16 vc_RingInstrPeriod;
int16 vc_RingBasePeriod;
int16 vc_RingAudioPeriod;
int8 *vc_RingAudioSource;
uint8 vc_RingNewWaveform;
uint8 vc_RingWaveform;
uint8 vc_RingFixedPeriod;
int8 vc_RingVoiceBuffer[0x282*4];
struct hvl_tune
char ht_Name[128];
uint16 ht_SongNum;
uint32 ht_Frequency;
float64 ht_FreqF;
int8 *ht_WaveformTab[MAX_CHANNELS];
uint16 ht_Restart;
uint16 ht_PositionNr;
uint8 ht_SpeedMultiplier;
uint8 ht_TrackLength;
uint8 ht_TrackNr;
uint8 ht_InstrumentNr;
uint8 ht_SubsongNr;
uint16 ht_PosJump;
uint32 ht_PlayingTime;
int16 ht_Tempo;
int16 ht_PosNr;
int16 ht_StepWaitFrames;
int16 ht_NoteNr;
uint16 ht_PosJumpNote;
uint8 ht_GetNewPosition;
uint8 ht_PatternBreak;
uint8 ht_SongEndReached;
uint8 ht_Stereo;
uint16 *ht_Subsongs;
uint16 ht_Channels;
struct hvl_position *ht_Positions;
struct hvl_step ht_Tracks[256][64];
struct hvl_instrument *ht_Instruments;
struct hvl_voice ht_Voices[MAX_CHANNELS];
int32 ht_defstereo;
int32 ht_defpanleft;
int32 ht_defpanright;
int32 ht_mixgain;
uint8 ht_Version;
//added for pineappletracker
uint8 curNote;
uint8 curInstr;
int16 hivelyLeft[HIVELY_LEN], hivelyRight[HIVELY_LEN];
void hvl_DecodeFrame( struct hvl_tune *ht, int8 *buf1, int8 *buf2, int32 bufmod );
void hvl_InitReplayer( void );
BOOL hvl_InitSubsong( struct hvl_tune *ht, uint32 nr );
struct hvl_tune *hvl_LoadTune( TEXT *name, uint32 freq, uint32 defstereo );
void hvl_FreeTune( struct hvl_tune *ht );
void hvl_process_step( struct hvl_tune *ht, struct hvl_voice *voice );
void hvl_process_frame( struct hvl_tune *ht, struct hvl_voice *voice );
void hvl_set_audio( struct hvl_voice *voice, float64 freqf );
//void hvl_playNote(struct hvl_tune *ht, int8 *buf1, int8 *buf2, int32 bufmod, struct hvl_voice *voice);
void hvl_iedplonk(int note, int instr, void *t);
void hvl_play_irq( struct hvl_tune *ht );
void hvl_mixchunk( struct hvl_tune *ht, uint32 samples, int8 *buf1, int8 *buf2, int32 bufmod );
struct hvl_tune *htTune;
void hvlSdlCallBack( struct hvl_tune *ht, uint8 *stream, int length );
//int16 hivelyLeft[HIVELY_LEN], hivelyRight[HIVELY_LEN];
int hivelyIndex;
//int play;
//int plonked;