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Minimum Requirements:

  • UNIX system (Windows support is under development but still has some way to go)
  • NodeJS:

Use any one of the following install solutions:

npm install -g pinf-loader-js

cd ~/
wget -O pinf-loader-js.tar.gz
tar -zxf pinf-loader-js.tar.gz
mv pinf-loader-js-* pinf-loader-js
alias commonjs='~/pinf-loader-js/'

cd ~/
git clone git:// pinf-loader-js
alias commonjs='~/pinf-loader-js/'

Make sure it works:

commonjs -h

To install additional platforms (other than node) see:

To run the loader on a different platform (other than node) use:

commonjs --platform <PlatformAlias> ...

Where <PlatformAlias> is any of node, gpsee, v8cgi, narwhal or ringo.

NOTE: Not all features are supported on all platform yet due to incomplete API adapters.

Alternative Invocation

The loader does not have to be used via the commonjs command. It can be invoked directly as a script.

Checkout or download the project source, then invoke as follows:

node ./pinf-loader.js -h
v8cgi ./pinf-loader.js -h
gsr ./pinf-loader.js -h
ringo ./pinf-loader.js -h
narwhal ./pinf-loader.js -h

The complete loader may also be inlined into one CommonJS module that can be included in a platform-specific project:

# Implemented
commonjs --bundle-loader jetpack .../node-pinf-loader.js
commonjs --bundle-loader titanium .../node-pinf-loader.js
commonjs --bundle-loader air .../node-pinf-loader.js

# Not Yet Implemented
commonjs --bundle-loader node .../node-pinf-loader.js
commonjs --bundle-loader v8cgi .../v8cgi-pinf-loader.js
commonjs --bundle-loader gpsee .../gpsee-pinf-loader.js
commonjs --bundle-loader narwhal .../narwhal-pinf-loader.js
commonjs --bundle-loader ringo .../ringo-pinf-loader.js