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The commonjs Command

The loader allows for bootstrapping a consistent and state-of-the-art CommonJS environment for any supported platform and thus is ideally suited to be used as the target for the commonjs command and the development of cross-platform JavaScript applications and libraries.

The loader will automatically use the appropriate CommonJS platform based on the requirements of the program.

commonjs -v ./demos/HelloWorld

See ./ and ./


The loader allows for running server-based scripts, daemons and applications from the command line:

# program-based

commonjs -v ./demos/HelloWorld

commonjs -v --platform node ./demos/HelloWorld
node ./pinf-loader -v ./demos/HelloWorld

commonjs -v --platform narwhal ./demos/HelloWorld
narwhal ./pinf-loader -v ./demos/HelloWorld

# script-based

commonjs -v ./demos/CommonJSModules1Script/script

commonjs -v --platform node ./demos/CommonJSModules1Script/script
node ./pinf-loader -v ./demos/CommonJSModules1Script/script

commonjs -v --platform narwhal ./demos/CommonJSModules1Script/script
narwhal ./pinf-loader -v ./demos/CommonJSModules1Script/script

Within CommonJS Modules

The loader can host and run programs and packages within CommonJS Modules.



The loader includes a Program Server used to make programs available for browser and WebWorker loading. The program server automatically combines the core program and all its dependencies into one file and can make additional sets of modules available for loading on demand by the browser.

commonjs -v --platform node ./demos/ProgramServer
open http://localhost:8003/ 


The loader can be used as an NPM package to boot a program.

npm install pinf-loader-js-demos-npmpackage
npm start pinf-loader-js-demos-npmpackage

See: ../demos/NPMPackage

Cloud-based Services

The loader is ideally suited for writing programs to be deployed to online hosting services. By providing everything that is needed for a program to run it is unnecessary to learn or use the package management and dependency resolution solutions provided by the hosting provider. This makes programs highly reliable and portable across providers.

More information about this will be available in time.


The loader facilitates an efficient development workflow by supporting project workspaces, dynamic code reloading and remote debugging.

An example of a project that uses the loader to provide a development environment:

More information about this will be available in time.

Release Building

The loader plays a role in building releases for programs (especially when intended for the browser) by collecting all initial and dynamic load dependencies and combining these into optimized files ready for static loading into CommonJS runtimes.

More information about this will be available in time.