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ACE Editor

Run the ACE editor in the browser:

node ../../pinf-loader -v
open http://localhost:8003/



  • The worker has changed to load the worker class ASYNC. This may be causing the modified worker_client to call the worker class before it is initialized.
    • FIX: The worker_client must wait until the client is fully initilized.
  • The worker seems to be loaded twice for some reason. Likely related to issue above.


When the demo runs it downloads archives from github to provision ACE locally.

If you want to make changes to ACE you need to overlay a source repository that is used instead of the downloaded one.

Place the following code into a file at ./sources.local.json:

    "packages": {
        "": {
            "source": {
                "location": "/path/to/cloned/ace"


  • The packages keys are the UIDs (minus protocol) from program.json
  • The location property pointes to a cloned version of

To make changes to other packages clone the appropriate source repository and add it to the sources.json file. Restart the demo server.

Source overlays can be added in various ways. See ../../docs/


Development workflow:

  • Reduce browser wait times by streamlining Program Server
    • Faster loading and module collection
    • Caching
    • Proactive payload generation on file change
  • Reduce browser receiving times by zipping response in Program Server
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