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Presentation: CommonJS Everywhere (Wakanday 2011, Boston)

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This presentation is geared towards anyone with modest JavaScript experience.


CommonJS is a community-driven effort by volunteers with diverse backgrounds and interests to converge on a minimal common ground that is sound and scalable. The goal is to make writing portable JavaScript applications that run on servers, browsers, desktop applications, and secure sandboxes not only possible, but also accessible to developers and development tools without vendor lock-in or steep learning curves.

Christoph will attempt to paint us a picture of where CommonJS is today and where it is headed. CommonJS is well on its way to realizing the dream of portable JavaScript applications composed of libraries from all over the Internet. That is, modular JavaScript that runs everywhere.


See (1280x720, 540 MB, 32m)

A couple of the slides near the end pertaining to the PINF JavaScript Loader were a bit rushed. If you are looking for more information there is a 1h 39m (video) introductory presentation for the loader here.



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