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# This shell script is called at the prompt when starting the application demo from the
# command line. This script uses Docker which is pertinent for running from a
# personal computer. The platform running on is started with
# and, as it does not use a Docker container (it uses up
# the entire server -- don't need an extra layer of Docker there).
#Datasource: where to ssh to get our data? Ensure we are in the same directory
#where the script lives.
mv src/db_dump.bak src/db_dump.sql
trap 'cleanup' EXIT
pushd $PWD &> /dev/null
cd $(dirname "$0")
#Reminder: start up Docker before running this. Docker makes it easier to setup
#dependencies and other systems regardless of OS (Mac, Windows, Linux). Postgres
#database will live within the Docker environment.
dockerfail() {
echo "Docker not found. Check that Docker is installed and running."
echo 'See the "Getting Started" section of for more info.'
exit 1
docker ps &> /dev/null || dockerfail
ssh $DATASOURCE true || echo "Can't connect to $DATASOURCE"
# Only if this is an admin system with rights, get db dump from the live server
if [ -e /usr/bin/pass ] && /usr/bin/pass config/market | grep -q config ; then
cp src/db_dump.sql src/db_dump.bak
ssh $DATASOURCE pg_dump --user postgres market > src/db_dump.sql || echo "Failed to get live data from $DATASOURCE"
set -e
set -x
#Build a docker image using the files in the current directory. Makes it possible
#to have 2 installs in 2 different directories with suitable modifications to the
#port number and the tag market_web.
docker build --tag=market_web .
#We are setting the environment variable in Flask to specify that is
#the application we want to run. Running happens in the last line below.
docker run \
-p 5000:5000 \
-e FLASK_APP=/srv/market/ \
-e FLASK_ENV=development \
-e LC_ALL=C.UTF-8 \
-e LANG=C.UTF-8 \
--volume "$(pwd)"/src:/srv/market:ro,Z \
--entrypoint="/srv/market/" market_web /usr/local/bin/flask run --host=