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Souce code for

Build Status Powered by Urubu

Contributing to this site



You'll need to install Urubu and all it's dependencies to build the site. See file requirements.txt for the complete dependency list. The build works on Python 2.7 or Python 3.5.

You can create a conda environment with all required dependencies by running conda env create in the root of the repository. To activate the environment and run the build use source activate pinga-site.

Compiling the site

  1. Open a terminal (cmd.exe on Windows) and go to the root of your clone of this repository.
  2. Run urubu build to generate the HTML of the website.
  3. Run urubu serve to start a simple server at the _build folder where the built HTML files are. Point your browser to to view the site. Use Ctrl+C to kill the server.

Adding a publication

The paper entries are .md files in the papers folder. The site theme takes a lot of extra metadata in the post to make the "Info" section of each entry.

To add a new entry, create the .md file in the corresponding folder. Please, follow the naming conventions used for the other files.

Metadata for papers


title: Geophysical tutorial: Euler deconvolution of potential-field data
author: uieda, oliveira-jr, barbosa
date: yyyy-mm-dd
journal: The Leading Edge
doi: 10.1190/tle33040448.1
citation: Uieda, L., V. C. Oliveira Jr, and V. C. F. Barbosa (2014), Geophysical tutorial: Euler deconvolution of potential-field data, The Leading Edge, 33(4), 448-450, doi:10.1190/tle33040448.1
layout: publication
  • author should be a list of author ids. The id is the name of the authors file in the people folder. Authors that are not group members should be included in the authors field of _site.yml.
  • citation has to be in a single line.


repository: pinga-lab/paper-tle-euler-tutorial
supplement: 10.6084/m9.figshare.923450
pdf: paper-tle.pdf
oa: true
inreview: true
related_papers: paper-polynomial-eqlayer-2013,paper-radial3d-gradients-2013
related_thesis: oliveira-jr-phd
  • An entry with oa: true will be marked as open-acess.
  • inreview: true will mark the entry as under peer-review (unpublished).
  • pdf should be the name of PDF file in the pdf folder
  • related_papers should be a comma-separated list (no spaces) of paper IDs that are related to this research.
  • related_thesis the same as related_papers but for thesis.

Adding a new member

Group member pages are the .md files in the people folder. To add a new member, create the .md file in the corresponding folder with the last name of the person (in lowercase).

Metadata for members


title: Fulano de Tal
date: yyyy-mm-dd
position: PhD Student
institution: Observatório Nacional
location: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
period: 2015-2018
layout: person
  • Use the date that you started on the group.
  • position should be one of: PhD Student, MSc Student, Undergraduate Student
  • period should be the year when you first started and the year when you left the group (use Present if you're still a member).


picture: uieda.jpg
github: leouieda
researcherid: G-3258-2012
orcid: 0000-0001-6123-9515
advisor: barbosa
  • advisor should be the id of your advisor (the name of his/her file in the people folder).
  • picture should be the name of a square image in folder images/pic. If omitted, will use a default image.

Adding a new thesis

We also have a page with all theses defended by group members. To add a new one, create a new .md file in the thesis folder. The file name should be your page name plus the degree all in lowercase, e.g. You should also place a PDF version of the thesis with the same name in the pdf folder.

Metadata for theses


title: Forward modeling and inversion of gravitational fields in spherical coordinates
author: uieda
advisor: barbosa
date: yyyy-mm-dd
period: 2011-2016
institution: Observatório Nacional
level: PhD
pdf: uieda-phd.pdf
sucupira: 154585
layout: publication
  • author should be your author ids. The id is the name of the authors file in the people folder.
  • advisor should be the author id of the thesis advisor.
  • level should be one of: PhD, MSc, or Undergraduate.
  • sucupira is the ID of your thesis on the Sucupira platform. You can get the ID by search for your thesis here, then get the ID number from the end of the link to your thesis. For example, the ID for the link is 3627205.


repository: leouieda/phd-thesis
doi: 10.6084/m9.figshare.923450
related_papers: paper-polynomial-eqlayer-2013,paper-radial3d-gradients-2013
related_thesis: oliveira-jr-phd
  • related_papers and related_thesis are the same as for a paper.

Automatic deploy with TravisCI

The site is automatically built and deployed to pinga-lab/ every time a commit is pushed to the master branch. See files .travis.yml and ci-tools/

Inspired by Sleepy Coders and Mathieu Leplatre.


Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.