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TiDB Roadmap
Learn about the roadmap of TiDB.

TiDB Roadmap

This document defines the roadmap for TiDB development.


  • Optimizer
    • Statistics Optimization
    • Multi-Column Statistics
    • Cascades Planner
    • Plan Management
    • SQL Tuning Advisor
    • Robust Access Path Selection: add the heuristic rule and improve the accuracy of index selection in OLTP scenarios
    • Adaptive Query Optimization
  • Execution Engine
    • Parallel Operators
    • Memory Control
    • Concurrency Control
    • Shuffle Operators
    • Vectorized Expression Evaluation
    • UDF
  • SQL Features
    • Support Views
    • Support Window Functions
    • Support Common Table Expressions
    • Support Hash Partitioned Tables
    • Support the utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci Collation
  • Improve DDL
    • Support Table Lock
    • Support Change Column Type
    • Support Multiple DDL Operations in a Single Statement
    • Support Invisible Indexes
  • Support Plugin System
    • Support White List Plugin
    • Support Audit Log Plugin
    • Support RBAC Plugin
    • Support Diagnostic Plugin
  • Support Query Tracing
  • Support Hybrid Column/Row-oriented Storage Engine
  • Support New Storage Row Format: improve performance and reduce memory usage
  • Support Non-integer Type of RowID
  • Transaction
    • Reduce Read-write Conflicts
    • Optimize Transaction Scheduling Mechanism
    • Refine Model and Reduce Latency
    • Support Minimal Transaction (like the mini-transaction of InnoDB)


  • Raft
    • Region Merge - Merge small Regions together to reduce overhead
    • Local Read Thread - Process read requests in a local read thread
    • Split Region in Batch - Speed up Region split for large Regions
    • Raft Learner - Support Raft learner to smooth the configuration change process
    • Raft Pre-vote - Support Raft pre-vote to avoid unnecessary leader election on network isolation
    • Joint Consensus - Change multi members safely.
    • Multi-thread Raftstore - Process Region Raft logic in multiple threads
    • Multi-thread apply pool - Apply Region Raft committed entries in multiple threads
  • Engine
    • Titan - Separate large key-values from LSM-Tree
    • Pluggable Engine Interface - Clean up the engine wrapper code and provide more extensibility
  • Storage
    • Flow Control - Do flow control in scheduler to avoid write stall in advance
  • Transaction
    • Optimize transaction conflicts
    • Distributed GC - Distribute MVCC garbage collection control to TiKV
  • Coprocessor
    • Streaming - Cut large data set into small chunks to optimize memory consumption
    • Chunk Execution - Process data in chunk to improve performance
    • Request Tracing - Provide per-request execution details
  • Tools
    • TiKV Importer - Speed up data importing by SST file ingestion
  • Client
    • TiKV client (Rust crate)
    • Batch gRPC Message - Reduce message overhead


  • Improve namespace
    • Different replication policies for different namespaces and tables
  • Decentralize scheduling table Regions
  • Scheduler supports prioritization to be more controllable
  • Use machine learning to optimize scheduling
  • Optimize Region metadata - Save Region metadata in detached storage engine


  • Limit/Order push-down
  • Access through the DAG interface and deprecate the Select interface
  • Index Join and parallel merge join
  • Data Federation


  • Tool for automating TiDB deployment
  • High-Performance data import tool (lightning)
  • Backup and restore tool (incremental backup supported by drainer, incremental restore supported by reparo)
  • New TiDB-binlog with improved architecture
  • Data online migration tool (premium edition of Syncer)
  • Diagnostic tools
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