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# TiDB Quick Start Guide
This guide introduces how to deploy and monitor a TiDB cluster on your local drive using Docker Compose for experimenting and testing.
As an open source distributed scalable HTAP database, TiDB can be deployed on-premise or in-cloud. The following deployment options are officially supported by PingCAP.
> **Warning:** Deploying TiDB using Docker Compose can only be used for experimental purposes. For production usage, [use Ansible to deploy the TiDB cluster](op-guide/
- [Ansible Deployment](op-guide/ This guide describes how to deploy TiDB using Ansible. It is strongly recommended for production deployment.
- [Ansible Offline Deployment](op-guide/ If your environment has no access to the internet, you can follow this guide to see how to deploy a TiDB cluster offline using Ansible.
- [Docker Deployment](op-guide/ This guide describes how to deploy TiDB using Docker.
- [Docker Compose Deployment](op-guide/ This guide describes how to deploy TiDB using Docker compose. You can follow this guide to quickly deploy a TiDB cluster for testing and development on your local drive.
- [Kubernetes Deployment (beta)](op-guide/ This guide describes how to deploy TiDB on Kubernetes using [TiDB Operator]( You can follow this guide to see how to deploy TiDB on Google Kubernetes Engine or deploy TiDB locally using Docker in Docker.
## Prerequisites
## Community Provided Blog Posts & Tutorials
Before you begin, make sure to install the following tools:
The following list collects deployment guides and tutorials from the community. The content is subject to change by the contributors.
- [Git](
- [Docker Compose](
- [MySQL Client](
- [How To Spin Up an HTAP Database in 5 Minutes with TiDB + TiSpark](
- [Developer install guide (single machine)](
## Deploy a TiDB cluster
_Your contribution is also welcome! Feel free to open a [pull request]( to add additional links._
1. Download `tidb-docker-compose`:
## Source Code
git clone
Source code for [all components of the TiDB platform]( is available on GitHub.
2. Change the directory to tidb-docker-compose and get the latest TiDB Docker Images:
cd tidb-docker-compose && docker-compose pull
3. Start the TiDB cluster:
docker-compose up -d
Congratulations! You have deployed a TiDB cluster! You can see messages in your terminal of the default components of a TiDB cluster:
- 1 TiDB instance
- 3 TiKV instances
- 3 Placement Driver (PD) instances
- Prometheus
- Grafana
- 2 TiSpark instances (one master, one slave)
- 1 TiDB-Vision instance
You can now test your TiDB server using one of the following methods:
- Use the MySQL client to connect to TiDB:
mysql -h -P 4000 -u root
You can [try TiDB]( to explore the SQL statements.
- Use Grafana to view the status of the cluster via [http://localhost:3000](http://localhost:3000) with the default account name and password: `admin` and `admin`.
- Use [TiDB-Vision](, a cluster visualization tool, to see data transfer and load-balancing inside your cluster via [http://localhost:8010](http://localhost:8010).
- [TiDB](
- [TiKV](
- [PD](
- [TiSpark](
- [TiDB Operator](
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+ Quick Start
- [TiDB Quick Start Guide](
- [Basic SQL Statements](
- [TiDB Tutorial](
+ TiDB User Guide
+ TiDB Server Administration
- [The TiDB Server](sql/

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