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nrc and ice1000 Support Prost (#292)
* Update to 2018 edition

Note that this does not update the generated code to 2018 edition, just this crate itself.

Also fixes the Clippy `allow`s

* Implement Prost codec

* Prost compiler for protobuf services: methods

* Prost compiler for protobuf services: client

* Prost compiler for protobuf services: server

* Migrate proto crate

* Use Prost in tests

* Vendor protobuf-build

* Migrate to released Prost

* Rebasing changes

* Update .travis.yml to always install Rustfmt

* Address some Clippy issues

* Some improvements to protobuf-build

* protobuf-build: generate values method for enums

Signed-off-by: Nick Cameron <>
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src Support Prost (#292) Mar 27, 2019
Cargo.toml Support Prost (#292) Mar 27, 2019 Upgrade grpc-core to 1.4.0 (#64) Jun 23, 2017

For benchmark design details, see benchmarking.

Quick Start

  1. Clone grpc-rs
$ git clone
  1. Clone grpc
$ git clone
  1. Build benchmark
$ cd grpc-rs
$ cargo build -p benchmark --release
  1. Run benchmark
$ cd ../grpc
$ python2.7 tools/run_tests/ -l rust

Checkout python2.7 tools/run_tests/ --help to see custom options.

Flame Graph

To generate flame graph, please download FrameGraph release package and extract them in grpc directory. Please make sure the name of extracted directory is FlameGraph. Then run following command:

# python2.7 tools/run_tests/ -l rust --perf_args="record -F 99 -g"
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