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PingCAP Talent Plan

This is a series of training courses about writing distributed systems in Go and Rust. It is maintained by PingCAP for training and/or evaluating students, new employees, and new contributors to TiDB and TiKV. As such, the courses focus on subjects relevant to those projects. They are though appropriate for all Go and Rust programmers — they do not require any knowledge of or interest in either TiDB or TiKV.

The courses primarily consist of projects (or "labs") where coding problems are presented, along with a partial implementation or API description, and a test suite.

Each course is developed independently, so they vary in their presentation and their expectations from course-takers. See the individual course documentation for details.

Training courses

  • Practical Networked Applications in Rust. A series of projects that incrementally develop a single Rust project from the ground up into a high-performance, networked, parallel and asynchronous key/value store. Along the way various real-world and practical Rust development subject matter are explored and discussed.

  • Distributed Systems in Rust. Adapted from the MIT 6.824 distributed systems coursework, this course focuses on implementing important distributed algorithms, including the Raft consensus algorithm, and the Percolator distributed transaction protocol.

  • Distributed Systems in Go. A course on implementing algorithms necessary in distributed databases, including map reduce, and parallel query optimization.


These courses may be freely used and modified for any purpose, under the terms of each course's individual license. See the courses for details.

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