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Distributed Systems in Rust

A training course about the distributed systems in Rust.

Subjects covered include:

After completing this course you will have the knowledge to implement a basic key-value storage service with transaction and fault-tolerant in Rust.

Important note: Distributed Systems in Rust is in an alpha state It might contain bugs. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Please file issues if you have any problem. And also You are encouraged to fix problems on your own and submit pull requests.

The goal of this course

The goal of this course is to teach the Rust programmers who are interested in distributed systems to know about how to make the distributed systems reliable and how to implement the distributed transaction.

Who is this for?

Distributed Systems in Rust is for experienced Rust programmers, who are familiar with the Rust language. If you are not, you can first learn our rust lessons.

A PingCAP-specific note

This course, combined with Deep Dive TiKV, is intended to be enough to enable programmers to meaningfully contribute to TiKV. It is most specifically designed to teach those in the Chinese Rust community enough Rust to work on TiKV. The language used is intended to be simple so that those who read only a little English can follow. If you find any of the language difficult to understand please file issues.


CC-BY 4.0

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