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TPC-H Benchmark, specific for MySQL/TiDB


file structure

  • alltable.load mysql commands to load all data
  • alltable.count mysql commands to select count(*) all tables
  • dss.sql modified schema definition file
  • perl script to get runtime of each query
  • perl script to get runtime of a query
  • queries 22 TPC-H queries
  • perl script to generate scan query for all tables

Some changes have been made to official files provided by TPC-H, to make them work with TiDB.

How to use

Use mysql client login to TiDB and create a databse call tpch. make tbl will make dbgen and generate *.tbl files.

make load will create database and tables in TiDB and load all *.tbl into TiDB.

After this, please be patient. If you really want to know any progress that TiDB is making right now, you can open another terminal and use query defined in alltable.count to know how many rows in the table.

If you are using macOs, please replace #include<malloc.h> in varsub.c and bm_utils.c to #include<stdlib.c>.