tidb-tools are some useful tool collections for TiDB.
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tidb-tools are some useful tool collections for TiDB.

How to build

make build # build all tools

make importer # build importer

make checker # build checker

make sync_diff_inspector # build sync_diff_inspector

make binlogctl  # build binlogctl

make ddl_checker  # build ddl_checker

When tidb-tools are built successfully, you can find the binary in the bin directory.

Tool list

  • importer

    A tool for generating and inserting data to any database which is compatible with the MySQL protocol, like MySQL and TiDB.

  • checker

    A tool for checking the compatibility of an existing MySQL database with TiDB.

  • sync_diff_inspector

    A tool for comparing two databases' data and outputting a brief report about the differences.

  • binlogctl

    A tool for performing some tidb-binlog related operations, like querying the status of Pump/Drainer and pause/offline some Pump/Drainer.

  • ddl_checker

    A tool for checking if DDL SQL can be successfully executed by TiDB.


Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.