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MySQL 8.0 Compatibility

Updated Apr 18, 2019

Change from being compatible with MySQL 5.7 to MySQL 8.0. Include compatibility options to make upgrade easier.

sql plan management

Updated Apr 19, 2019

No description

window function

Updated Mar 30, 2019

No description

column pool

Updated Nov 7, 2018

support session level column based buffer reuse strategy.

cascades planner

Updated Mar 14, 2019

implement a new planner based on the Cascades model in TiDB. Proposal:

Improve usability

Updated Mar 9, 2019

Make TiDB easier to use.

tracing system for tidb

Updated Aug 25, 2018

With the help of tracing system, it can help better understand the reason behind slow sql.

Support View

Updated Feb 27, 2019

enhance cost model

Updated Sep 6, 2018

To enhance the cost model of TiDB optimizer, For every operator, we may need to enhance:

  1. the cardinality estimation
  2. the cost calculation

support intra-operator parallelism

Updated Feb 24, 2019

For now, only these operators support intra-operator parallelism:

  • hash join
  • index lookup join
  • union

We should make more operators to support high intra-operator parallelism:

  • hash aggregate
  • stream aggregate
  • sort-merge join
  • sort
  • topn
  • projection
  • filter

We may need to consider:

  • instruction-level parallelism, e.g., pipelining, out-of-order super-scalar execution, excellent branch prediction
  • data-level parallelism, e.g., SIMD, vector computation
  • thread-level parallelism, e.g., simultaneous multi-threading, and multicore
  • memory-level parallelism, e.g., hardware prefetching  


Updated Dec 21, 2018

No description


Updated Jan 2, 2018

No description


Updated Apr 19, 2019

No description


Updated Apr 14, 2019

No description


Updated Oct 25, 2017

Improve the compatibility with MySQL.


Updated Mar 21, 2019

SQL planner transforms plain SQL text to optimal plans.

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