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executor: add the slow log for commit #7951

merged 6 commits into from Oct 18, 2018


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commented Oct 18, 2018

What problem does this PR solve?

commit statement only changes a flag in TiDB when executing. The real commit transaction operation will be done in the session. The current slow log cannot record the slow commit statement.

What is changed and how it works?

Add the slow log in CommitTxn.

Check List


  • Manual test (add detailed scripts or steps below)
  1. start several threads to update one row concurrently.
  2. find the slow query log in the log file.

Code changes

  • Has exported function/method change

Side effects

  • Increased code complexity

Related changes

  • Need to cherry-pick to the release branch

PTAL @lysu @tiancaiamao

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commented Oct 18, 2018

@XuHuaiyu PTAL


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commented Oct 18, 2018

should we cherry-pick this to release-2.1?

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commented Oct 18, 2018


@zz-jason zz-jason added status/LGT2 and removed status/LGT1 labels Oct 18, 2018
@zz-jason zz-jason merged commit b7a8f91 into pingcap:master Oct 18, 2018
11 checks passed
11 checks passed
ci/circleci Your tests passed on CircleCI!
continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr The Travis CI build passed
jenkins-ci-tidb/build Jenkins job succeeded.
jenkins-ci-tidb/common-test Jenkins job succeeded.
jenkins-ci-tidb/integration-common-test Jenkins job succeeded.
jenkins-ci-tidb/integration-compatibility-test Jenkins job succeeded.
jenkins-ci-tidb/integration-ddl-test Jenkins job succeeded.
jenkins-ci-tidb/mybatis-test Jenkins job succeeded.
jenkins-ci-tidb/sqllogic-test Jenkins job succeeded.
jenkins-ci-tidb/unit-test Jenkins job succeeded.
license/cla Contributor License Agreement is signed.
jackysp added a commit to jackysp/tidb that referenced this pull request Oct 19, 2018
jackysp added a commit to jackysp/tidb that referenced this pull request Oct 22, 2018
@jackysp jackysp deleted the jackysp:commit_slow_log branch Oct 23, 2018
iamzhoug37 added a commit to iamzhoug37/tidb that referenced this pull request Oct 25, 2018
bugfix fixed pingcap#7518

expression: MySQL compatible current_user function (pingcap#7801)

plan: propagate constant over outer join (pingcap#7794)

- extract `outerCol = const` from join conditions and filter conditions,
  substitute `outerCol` in join conditions with `const`;
- extract `outerCol = innerCol` from join conditions, derive new join
  conditions based on this column equal condition and `outerCol` related
  expressions in join conditions and filter conditions;

util/timeutil: fix data race caused by forgetting set stats lease to 0 (pingcap#7901)

stats: handle ddl event for partition table (pingcap#7903)

plan: implement Operand and Pattern of cascades planner. (pingcap#7910)

planner: not convert to TableDual if empty range is derived from deferred constants (pingcap#7808)

plan: move projEliminate behind aggEliminate (pingcap#7909)

admin: fix admin check table bug of byte compare (pingcap#7887)

* admin: remove reflect deepEqual

stats: fix panic caused by empty histogram (pingcap#7912)

plan: fix panic caused by empty schema of LogicalTableDual (pingcap#7906)

* fix drop view if exist error (pingcap#7833)

executor: refine `explain analyze` (pingcap#7888)

executor: add an variable to compatible with MySQL insert for OGG (pingcap#7863)

expression: maintain `DeferredExpr` in aggressive constant folding. (pingcap#7915)

stats: fix histogram boundaries overflow error (pingcap#7883)

ddl:support the definition of `null` change to `not null` using `alter table` (pingcap#7771)

* ddl:support the definition of null change to not null using alter table

ddl: add check when create table with foreign key. (pingcap#7885)

* ddl: add check when create table with foreign key

planner: eliminate if null on non null column (pingcap#7924)

executor: fix a bug in point get (pingcap#7934)

planner, executor: refine ColumnPrune for LogicalUnionAll (pingcap#7930)

executor: fix panic when limit is too large (pingcap#7936)

ddl: add TiDB version to metrics (pingcap#7902)

stats: limit the length of sample values (pingcap#7931)

vendor: update tipb (pingcap#7893)

planner: support the Group and GroupExpr for the cascades planner (pingcap#7917)

store/tikv: log more information when other err occurs (pingcap#7948)

types: fix date time parse (pingcap#7933)

ddl: just print error message when ddl job is normal to calcel, to eliminate noisy log (pingcap#7875)

stats: update delta info for partition table (pingcap#7947)

explaintest: add explain test for partition pruning (pingcap#7505)

util: move disjoint set to util package (pingcap#7950)

util: add PreAlloc4Row and Insert for Chunk and List (pingcap#7916)

executor: add the slow log for commit (pingcap#7951)

expression: add builtin json_keys (pingcap#7776)

privilege: add USAGE in `show grants` for mysql compatibility (pingcap#7955)

ddl: fix invailid ddl job panic (pingcap#7940)

*: move ast.NewValueExpr to standalone parser_driver package (pingcap#7952)

Make the ast package get rid of the dependency of types.Datum

server: allow cors http request (pingcap#7939)

*: move `Statement` and `RecordSet` from ast to sqlexec package (pingcap#7970)

pr suggestion update

executor/aggfuncs: split unit tests to corresponding file (pingcap#7993)

store/tikv: fix typo (pingcap#7990)

executor, planner: clone proj schema for different children in buildProj4Union (pingcap#7999)

executor: let information_schema be the first database in ShowDatabases (pingcap#7938)

stats: use local feedback for partition table (pingcap#7963)

executor: add unit test for aggfuncs (pingcap#7966)

server: add log for binary execute statement (pingcap#7987)

admin: refine admin check decoder (pingcap#7862)

executor: improve wide table insert & update performance (pingcap#7935)

ddl: fix reassigned partition id in `truncate table` does not take effect (pingcap#7919)

fix reassigned partition id in truncate table does not take effect

add changelog for 2.1.0 rc4 (pingcap#8020)

*: make parser package dependency as small as possible (pingcap#7989)

parser: support `:=` in the `set` syntax (pingcap#8018)

According to MySQL document, `set` use the = assignment operator,
but the := assignment operator is also permitted

stats: garbage collect stats for partition table (pingcap#7962)

docs: add the proposal for the column pool (pingcap#7988)

expression: refine built-in func truncate to support uint arg (pingcap#8000)

stats: support show stats for partition table (pingcap#8023)

stats: update error rate for partition table (pingcap#8022)

stats: fix estimation for out of range point queries (pingcap#8015)

*: move parser to a separate repository (pingcap#8036)

executor: fix wrong result when index join on union scan. (pingcap#8031)

Do not modify Plan of dataReaderBuilder directly, because it would
impact next batch of outer rows, as well as other concurrent inner
workers. Instead, build a local child builder to store the child plan.

planner: fix a panic of a cached prepared statement with IndexScan (pingcap#8017)

*: fix the issue of executing DDL after executing SQL failure in txn (pingcap#8044)

* ddl, executor: fix the issue of executing DDL after executing SQL failure in txn

add unit test

remove debug info

add like evaluator case sensitive test

ddl, domain: make schema correct after canceling jobs (pingcap#7997)

unit test fix

code format

proposal: maintaining histograms in plan. (pingcap#7605)

support _tidb_rowid for table scan range (pingcap#8047)

var rename fix
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