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tidb-server v5.3.1

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@zhouqiang-cl zhouqiang-cl released this 03 Mar 10:17

Compatibility changes

  • Change the default value of the system variable tidb_analyze_version from 2 to 1 #31748
  • Since v5.1.4, if TiKV is configured with storage.enable-ttl = true, the requests from TiDB are rejected, because the TTL feature of TiKV only supports the RawKV mode #27303

Feature enhancements

  • Support partition pruning for the built-in IN expression in Range partition tables #26739
  • Improve the accuracy of tracking memory usage when IndexJoin is executed #28650

Bug fixes

  • Fix a memory leak bug that occurs when the system variable tidb_analyze_version is set to 2 #32499
  • Fix the issue that the MaxDays and MaxBackups configurations do not take effect for the slow log #25716
  • Fix the issue that executing the INSERT ... SELECT ... ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE statement gets panic #28078
  • Fix the wrong result that might occur when performing JOIN on ENUM type columns #27831
  • Fix the issue that INDEX HASH JOIN returns the send on closed channel error #31129
  • Fix the issue that using the BatchCommands API might block sending TiDB requests to TiKV in some rare cases #32500
  • Fix the issue of potential data index inconsistency in optimistic transaction mode #30410
  • Fix the issue that window functions might return different results when using a transaction or not #29947
  • Fix the issue that the length information is wrong when casting Decimal to String #29417
  • Fix the issue that the GREATEST function returns incorrect result that occurs when setting the tidb_enable_vectorized_expression vectorized expression to off #29434
  • Fix the issue that the optimizer might cache invalid plans for join in some cases #28087
  • Fix wrong results of the microsecond and hour functions in vectorized expressions #29244 #28643
  • Fix the TiDB panic when executing the ALTER TABLE.. ADD INDEX statement in some cases #27687
  • Fix a bug that the availability detection of MPP node does not work in some corner cases #3118
  • Fix the DATA RACE issue when assigning MPP task ID #27952
  • Fix the INDEX OUT OF RANGE error for a MPP query after deleting an empty dual table #28250
  • Fix the issue of false positive error log invalid cop task execution summaries length for MPP queries #1791