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Feature Support Detail

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Main Features

Feature Support TiSpark 2.4.x TiSpark 2.5.x TiSpark 3.0.x TiSpark master
SQL select without tidb_catalog
SQL select with tidb_catalog
DataFrame append
DataFrame reads
SQL show databases
SQL show tables
SQL auth
SQL delete from with tidb_catalog
DataFrame auth


you can read with both SQL select and DataFrame reads

Push down

TiSpark can push down some operators to TiKV

  • predicate
  • aggregate

need to be described more clearly

Table Partition

TiSpark currently supports Range Partition and Hash Partition. Users can select data from the Range Partition table and the Hash Partition table through TiSpark.

In most cases, TiSpark use a full table scan on partition tables. Only in certain cases, TiSpark applies partition pruning. For more details, see here.

Expression Index

tidb-5.0 supports Expression Index.

TiSpark currently supports retrieving data from table with Expression Index, but the Expression Index will not be used by the planner of TiSpark.


TiSpark can read from TiFlash with the configuration spark.tispark.isolation_read_engines


You can only write to TiDB with DataFrame append now

Not supported

  • write to the partition table

Feature List