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EC2 CloudWatch plugin
Created by Andre Lewis

This plugin uses AWS web service calls to fetch the following CloudWatch metrics for your EC2 instances:

  NetworkIn NetworkOut DiskReadOps DiskWriteOps DiskReadBytes DiskWriteBytes CPUUtilization

Using this plugin, you can graph CloudWatch data, create alerts on CloudWatch, track trends  on CloudWatch, etc.
Your Cloudwatch data will appear alongside all the other data collected by the Scout agent.

Note, this plugin does not fetch EC2 Load Balancer Metrics. This plugin is in beta, and we appreciate you feedback
at support@scoutapp.com.

Fetching metrics for one instance

By default, the value you put in the "EC2 InstanceId or dimension" plugin option is treated as an EC2 InstanceId.
EC2 InstanceIds currently look like this: i-48ac4920. Providing an InstanceID will fetch metrics for that instance alone.

Providing the InstanceID is the easiest way to get started. You can get your InstanceID from the AWS web console
(https://console.aws.amazon.com/ec2/home), or through the command line tools

Autoscaling groups, etc

Alterntively, you can fetch metrics by autoscaling group name, image id, or instance type. You will still get one set
of numbers, but the numbers will be averaged from all the instances in the dimension you specifiy.

To fetch Cloudwatch data across a different dimension, enter a key=value string in the "EC2 InstanceId or dimension".
You can use:
  InstanceId=YOUR_IMAGE_ID (this is the same as providing the ImageId alone)