Repurposes a kindle (PW2 in my case) as a bank account balance monitor
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This is a working prototype, code is unpolished. Some parts are very specific to my needs but should be easy to replace.


Screenshot 2 Screenshot 1

Screenshot 3 Photo of kindle with dlekin running

Kindle makes the perfect device as dashboard or report viewer with great battery autonomy. Because of its e-ink display it uses no energy to keep the information on the screen.

This solution repurposes a kindle (PW2 in my case) as a bank account balance monitor. My grandfather has problems with menus and buttons and cables. This solution has none of those.

There are two componenets:

  • a server-side nodejs solution
  • a client-side kindle script (installable as a kual extension)

The kindle wakes up on configurable intervals, uses the wifi to request a new image from the server, displays it as screensaver and goes back to sleep. With refresh interval set to every 6 hours I expect the battery to last about a month.


What the server component does

  1. Listens for http requests on{someimage}.png
  2. Connects to gmail imap
  3. Fetches banking emails
  4. Parses out information
  5. Produces a report as a html page
  6. Uses wkhtmltoimage to render the html to an image
  7. Uses imagemagick to convert the image to a kindle-compatible format
  8. Serves back {someimage}.png

Tested on Windows 10 and Debian Jessie


The following dependecies must be preinstalled:

  1. NodeJs
  2. wkhtmltoimage (part of wkhtmltopdf)
  3. imagemagick (convert)


  1. git clone && cd dlekin/server
  2. Create a config.js file in the root directory, see config.js.sample
  3. npm install to install dependencies and tsc
  4. npm run compile to compile ts /src to js in /bin
  5. npm start to start /bin/main.js

If for any reason tsc fails during those steps you can also try using a globally installed tsc or VSCode for compilation (check the compile script inside package.json to see how it is called from npm or buildtsc task inside .vscode/tasks.json to see how vscode compiles it).


Useful with imap problems:

Headless debian Jessie requires: Node v6.x (7 is problematic) xvfb-run -- /usr/local/bin/wkhtmltoimage --zoom 1.5 --height 1024 --width 758 --quality 100 --disable-smart-width generated.html page.jpg

A poor reverse proxy (php)

    $url = '' . $_GET['file_name'];
    header("Content-type: image/png");
    $homepage = file_get_contents($url);
    echo $homepage;

Access through http://path/to/script?file_name=bg_medium_ss00.png which will fetch from

dlekin-client (kindle script)


  1. jailbroken kindle with ssh access (tested with PW2)
  2. kual 2.x launcher


  1. git clone && cd dlekin
  2. Copy the contents of /kindle/dlekin/* to /mnt/us/ on kindle
  3. Empty /usr/share/blanket/screensaver/*
  4. You can now use the kual launcher to start/stop dlekin

dlekin kual menu


  1. Stop dlekin from kual launcher
  2. Remove /mnt/us/dlekin and /mnt/us/extensions/dlekin

What it does

  1. Wakes up the kindle
  2. Wget image from server
  3. Set it as new screensaver
  4. Go sleep for some period of time
  5. Repeat


  • make battery status work
  • implement low battery warning


My script is based on peterson's examples from