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Solution - SA CIAM Demo

The Ping Identity - SA CIAM Demo Solution provides a sample CIAM configuration for PingDirectory \ PingFederate \ PingDataSync \ PingOne MFA

Solution - SA CIAM Demo

Prior Versions:


The SA CIAM Demo stack will stand up without any pre-requisites, but will require manual configuration for MFA to work.

The Solution can be pre-configured for Admin SSO and PingOne MFA with details for the below injected into the configuration:

  • My Ping Console:
  • PingOne Ping Platform App
  • PingOne MFA Native App


This repo contains configuration sets for deployment:

Deployment Configuration

The bulk of the configuration is performed by a Postman API Collection: SA CIAM Demo - Postman Collection

Post Deployment Considerations

Solution Configuration

Product Console URL
My Ping Console{{myPingEnvId}}
PingCentral https://{{PC_HOSTNAME}}:9022
PingDataSync https://{{PD_HOSTNAME}}:8443/console
PingDirectory https://{{PD_HOSTNAME}}:8443/console
PingFederate https://{{PF_HOSTNAME}}:9999/pingfederate
PingOne MFA Access from My Ping Console
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