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An idiomatic Clojure wrapper for Cascading.

cascading-clojure wraps much of the verbose Java plumbing but preserves the spirit of the Cascading API.

It handles serializing and deserailizing all data between Clojure function calls injected into individual Cascading operators, as well as allowing arbitrary dynamic Fields in Cascading Tuples via Clojure maps.


Get Leiningen 1.3.0 or later.

$ lein deps
$ lein javac
$ lein compile
$ lein test

Note that if you edit either api.clj or testing.clj, you should lein compile before running again.

cascading-clojure is part of clj-sys

  • Conciseness, but not at the expense of expressiveness, explicitness, abstraction, and composability.

  • Simple and explicit functional style over macros and elaborate DSLs.

  • Functional parameterization over vars and binding.

  • Libraries over frameworks.

  • Build in layers.

  • Write tests.

  • Copyright (c) Bradford Cross and Mark McGranaghan released under the GPL License (