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Wrap createRangeSlicesQuery #28

ryfow opened this Issue · 1 comment

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It's possible I'm just modeling my data incorrectly, but getting a range of rows with HFactory.createRangeSlicesQuery seems quite useful in Hector. Is there a reason it's not supported in clj-hector?


The only reason it isn't supported is because no one has found a need for it quite yet.

Range slices often aren't particularly useful because rows in cassandra are ordered randomly. (Unless you are using an ordered partitioner which is something you should almost certainly never do). It isn't completely useless though. It can be used if you want to iterate through all of the rows in a column family and don't care about the order.

If you have a need for it, feel free to submit a pull request. We can leave this issue open until someone gets to it.

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