👩‍💻 A simple web server that returns Twitter link if found on the page
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Web Server

This is a simple web server in which you can specify a URL web link and it will return a Twitter profile if found on the webpage. Please note that this server only looks at the current page of the link provided and not the entire domain e.g. http://ashwinkachhara.com/contact-3/ will return a Twitter profile link however http://ashwinkachhara.com/ will not.

This server uses Sinatra which is a simple web server gem for Ruby. It also uses the Nokogiri gem which can parse HTML and search through it using (in this project's case) CSS selectors.

Dependencies / Requirements

  • Bundler 1.13.6 (latest)
  • Ruby 2.3.0

How to use?

  1. Clone this repository to your local machine (I usually do this to desktop for easier navigation)

  2. CD into the cloned repository and run:

    bundle install

    This so that you have all the gems / dependencies installed on your particular project.

  3. Then run the following command to get the app running:

    ruby app.rb

  4. Go to your browser and type the below onto your URL search bar:


  5. You should see the following on your browser:

    Web server screenshot

  6. Type in a URL of your choice into the form and hit submit.

  7. If a Twitter profile is found, this will show up under Results heading.

  8. To exit the web server, type CTRL + C on your command line.