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Adds center-alignment, auto word-wrap, and dimension constraint support for multiline CCLabelBMFont
Objective-C C
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These patches have been integrated into version 2.0 of cocos2d-iphone

This repository contains old code before being merged into cocos2d-iphone. For the latest changes, please use

A replacement for CCLabelBMFont. Useful if you want:
 - Left, Center, and Right alignments for single and multi line labels
 - Auto word wrap for inserting line breaks intelligently based on given width

To use, download both CCLabelBMFont.h and CCLabelBMFont.m, and replace the 2 files under the cocos2d folder with the new modified files.

In your code, do:

CCLabelBMFont *label = [CCLabelBMFont
	labelWithString:@"My Label"

The included demo project has an sample .fnt file made using GlyphDesigner, and examples on how to use CCLabelBMFont.

Discussion thread is here
Applied for inclusion in cocos2d-extensions here
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